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25 of The Cutest Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom


The animal kingdom harbors many parenting secrets. Compared with humans, animals have both unique and similar ways of parenting their offspring. For instance, elephants rely on young females to act as babysitters for their young calves–sound familiar?

Not everything animal parents do is identical to human parents. For instance, the Panda bear commonly gives birth to two babies but she only raises one. Before you go thinking Panda moms are callous and cruel, it’s not that at all. Instead, out in the rough and tough wild mothering one baby requires all of the resources a Panda has to offer. Her decision boils down to one healthy baby or two weak babies.

Not everything is bleak out in the wild, in fact few things are. It appears animals enjoy raising their young just as much as us furless humans! Check out these photos of the cutest parenting moments in the animal kingdom to see just how much fun animal families have living life on the wild side.

This Polar Bear cuddles her baby close, her thick claws and foreboding paws keeping a tight grip on her sweet little cub. 



David Lazar shot this stunning image of two lionesses living in the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya. The two adoringly gaze at their baby sibling, with pride often reserved to parents. 

article-0-151B6E14000005DC-537_964x633 tigerparents2


How cute are they?!?!



This mama helps her baby to stay afloat as they go for a swim in the waters they call home.



How about a nap now? 



Baby squirrels are so small and hairless you can hardly tell what they are–but this mama knows her baby when she sees him.



What is under this mommy’s colorful wings–2 sleepy chicks!



This is one strong possum carting around 6 babies on her back, while simultaneously scaling a fence–you go mom! 



“Wait up Ma!” This Fox hollers, clinging tight to his mommy’s bushy fox tail.



Elephants are the only other species (besides us humans) that visits the graves of their deceased loved ones. You can only imagine how much love elephants have for their offspring. This adorable pair link trunks as they travel onward.



How Bear-y cute are these two?!



Parents always know best–this loving mother swan tucks her babies under her wings where they will stay warm and dry while traveling across the pond.



Crocodiles are not often considered “cute” but despite their scaly skin and forbidding sharp teeth, turns out they are family-orienated! Udayan Rao Pawar, was voted Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2013 after he snapped the photo below of a croc family. He camped out on the banks of the Chambal River in India in order to see 2 gharial crocodile colonies. While the animal sightings at the Chambal River are incredible, the area is threatened by illegal sand-mining and fishing.



Play Time! This big mama finds her baby cub’s ticklish spots!



Penguins use a buddy system to help watch over their young, adults take turns forming groups around baby penguins in order to keep them safe and warm.



No butts about it, these two are definitely related.



As mom and dad share a passionate embrace, the little one begs for some attention around here. 



Peek-a-Boo–Did someone say FISH?!?!  These two grizzly bears play in deep water, baby isn’t afraid, she knows she has her mom there to protect her. 



“But I’m already clean!”



Papa bear teaches his cub some things



Has anyone seen my baby chick? 



While mama hunts for some food, baby decides now is a nice time to take a nap. 



When you become a parent (human or animal) you realize that the one thing greater than enjoying a good meal is feeding a good meal to your children.



You might think this bird has one too many legs, but think again….



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Heavy rain pours across drought-hit Australia

Queensland and New South Wales receive much-needed wet weather.



Torrential rain has fallen across eastern Australia, precisely where the country needs it most.

Over 75% of Queensland is currently in the grip of a drought, which means the state is once again on the verge of seeing its most extensive drought on record.

The rain started on Friday, with some parts of Queensland seeing their first drops of rain in more than 6 months.

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Now diplomacy has failed, boycotting Israel might be the only way we can protect the people of Gaza


By: Yara Hawari


Israel has lost its grip on reality. The death toll in Gaza stands at well over a thousand and continues to rise by the day. The coastal strip has been reduced to rubble. Rather than celebrating Eid this week, Palestinians in Gaza have been burying their dead.

Jon Snow’s poignant message after his return from Gaza on Channel 4 news was heart-breaking. He had been reporting from Al Shifa hospital where he saw many horrific injuries and scores of dead children.

He ended his report with this plea to the public: “If our reporting is worth anything, if your preparedness to listen and watch and read is anything to go by, then together we can make a difference.”

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You must not give into fear, the more you fear the tighter the grip fear has on you, let go & see it for what it is.

gb copy You must not give into fear, the more you fear the tighter the grip fear has on you, let go & see it for what it is.
es copy Usted no debe ceder ante el miedo, más miedo de la más estricta el miedo agarre tiene en usted, vamos a ir y verlo como lo que es.
nl copy Je moet niet opgeven in angst, hoe meer je bang hoe strakker de greep angst heeft op jou, laat gaan en zien voor wat het is.
fr copy Vous ne devez pas céder à la peur, plus vous craignez le plus serré de la peur de la poignée a sur vous, laisser aller et voir pour ce qu’elle est.
de copy Sie müssen nicht in Angst zu geben, desto mehr fürchten, desto enger der Griff Angst hat auf Sie, lassen Sie los und sehen es für das, was es ist.
CN67867 Nǐ bùnéng gěi dào kǒngjù, nǐ yuè pà yuè jǐn wò kǒngjù nǐ, fàngshǒu hé kàn dào tā shì shénme.
Sweden Du får inte ge i rädsla, desto mer fruktar hårdare grepp rädslan har på dig, låt gå och se det för vad det är.
rus7897 Vy ne dolzhny dat’ v strakh , tem bol’she vy boites’plotneye stsepleniye strakh na vas, otpustit’ i uvidet’ yeye takoy, kakaya ona yest’.
4523turkey Korkuyla içine vermek olmamalıdır, daha sıkı kavrama size korku, gidelim ve ne için bunu görmek vardır korkuyorlar.
images Non si deve dare nella paura, più si teme la stretta è la paura presa è su di te, lasciarsi andare e vederlo per quello che è.
indonesiaID Anda tidak harus memberikan ke takut, semakin Anda takut ketat ketakutan grip telah pada Anda, biarkan pergi & melihat untuk apa itu.

The more you struggle the tighter the grip fear has on you, find peace within & the answer to your problems will come.

gb copy The more you struggle the tighter the grip fear has on you, find peace within & the answer to your problems will come.
es copy Cuanto más usted lucha mayor será la adherencia miedo tiene sobre usted, encontrar la paz interior y la respuesta a sus problemas vendrá.
nl copy Hoe meer je strijd hoe strakker de greep angst op u heeft, rust binnen en het antwoord op uw problemen zullen komen.
fr copy Le plus vous luttez le plus serré de la peur de la poignée a sur vous, trouver la paix intérieure et la réponse à vos problèmes viendra.
de copy Je mehr Sie kämpfen, desto enger der Griff auf Sie hat Angst, in Frieden zu finden und die Antwort auf Ihre Probleme kommen wird.
CN67867 Nǐ yuè zhēngzhá yuè jǐn wò kǒngjù duì nǐ, zhǎodào nèizài de hépíng yǔ huídá nǐ de wèntí yě jiù láile.
Sweden Ju mer du kämpar för hårdare grepp rädslan har på dig, finna fred inom och svaret på dina problem kommer att komma.
rus7897 Chem bol’she vy boretes’krepche khvatka u strakha na vas, nayti pokoy v &otvetom na vashi problemy pridet.
4523turkey Daha sen içinde huzur bulmak, kavrama size korku vardır sıkı mücadele ve senin sorunlarına cevap gelecektir.
images Quanto più si lotta più severa è la paura presa ha su di voi, trovare la pace interiore e la risposta ai vostri problemi arriverà.
indonesiaID Semakin Anda berjuang dengan ketat ketakutan grip memiliki pada Anda, menemukan kedamaian dalam & jawaban untuk masalah Anda akan datang.