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A problem facing many Scriptures is multiple authorship over many generations. The Old Testament consists of 39 books authored by numerous individuals over a period of many centuries. The New Testament contains 27 books written by multiple authors spanning a period of nearly half a century. The questions and uncertainties that surround the chronology and authorship of the Bible, for example many of the books were written anonymously, only serve to hinder one from accepting, at least wholesale, that it is the pure word of God.

This is not a problem that affects the Qur’an. There is no doubt that Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was the person responsible for transmitting the Qur’an. There are mass historical reports that support this claim, and the Qur’an itself confirms that it was revealed to him. Although Muhammad ﷺ was responsible for transmitting the Qur’an, was he its author? The following are just 10 of many reasons which prove that it is impossible for Muhammad ﷺ to have authored the Qur’an:

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A Short Explanation of The Quran

A Short Explanation of Holy Quran (1)


By: Naveed Shamem

Quran is the last book of Allah swt revealed on last prophet Muhammad salal laho aliehi waslam.It is the only book which is free from all kinds of error and flaw .It has been preserved both in the form of book and also memorized by the Muslims generation after generations.

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Abu Baraa: Importance of verifying news (Video)


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How To Make Money – Ibn Khaldun and Taxes



The 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan famously stated in a piece in the New York Times in 1993,

“May I offer you the advice of the 14th century Arab historian Ibn Khaldun, who said: “At the beginning of the empire, the tax rates were low and the revenues were high. At the end of the empire, the tax rates were high and the revenues were low.”

And, no, I did not personally know Ibn Khaldun, although we may have had some friends in common!”1

Although one may agree or disagree with the conservative economic policies of Ronald Reagan, there is no denying the genius of the man he is quoting – Ibn Khaldun. He was centuries ahead of his time. His monumental work, the Muqaddimah, published in 1377, is hard to categorize. All at once it is a resource on history, Islam, science, sociology, economics, politics, warfare, and philosophy. One article on the entire book would be a disservice to Ibn Khaldun and the great amount of knowledge he left for subsequent generations. Instead, this article will focus only on some of his economic ideas, which centuries later form some of the basic ideas we use in government taxation today.

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Gaza and Israel: War of the hashtags

How instant access to online images and information is helping to shape global reaction to the Israel-Gaza war.

info-pictogram1 As the conflict between Israel and Hamas intensifies, so too does the battle being waged online. For generations, propaganda has always unfolded alongside warfare; but conflicts now are coming under increased scrutiny through social media. An information war is being waged online by journalists, by individuals and by the Israeli and Hamas media machines. The hashtag #GazaUnderAttack has been used in more than 4 million Twitter posts, compared to the nearly 200,000 for #IsraelUnderFire.

Nouman Ali Khan: Signs of a Loser Generation (Quran Weekly)


info-pictogram1 Allah describes the characteristics of generations that became losers.
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Anger and hate were emotions of the old world, the new world you are heading towards, only has time for love.

gb copy Anger and hate were emotions of the old world, the new world you are heading towards, only has time for love.
es copy La ira y el odio son emociones del viejo mundo, el nuevo mundo que se dirige hacia, sólo tiene tiempo para el amor.
nl copy Woede en haat waren emoties van de oude wereld, de nieuwe wereld die je op weg zijn naar, heeft alleen tijd voor de liefde.
fr copy La colère et la haine sont des émotions de l’ancien monde, le monde nouveau vous vous dirigez vers, n’a que le temps de l’amour.
de copy Wut und Hass sind Gefühle der alten Welt, die neue Welt, die Sie zu sich bewegen, hat nur Zeit für die Liebe.
CN67867 Fènnù hé chóuhèn shì jiù shìjiè de qínggǎn, xīn de shìjiè li, nǐ zhèng zǒuxiàng, zhǐyǒu shíjiān tán liàn’ài.
Sweden Ilska och hat var känslor av den gamla världen, den nya världen som du är på väg mot, har bara tid för kärlek.
rus7897 Gnev i nenavist’ byli emotsii starogo mira , novyy mir, kotoryy vy napravlyayetes’ k , tol’ko yest’ vremya dlya lyubvi.
4523turkey Öfke ve nefret eski dünyanın duygular vardı, sen doğru gidiyoruz yeni dünya, sadece aşk için zaman vardır.
images La rabbia e l’odio sono le emozioni del vecchio mondo, il nuovo mondo si sta muovendo verso, ha solo il tempo per l’amore.
indonesiaID Kemarahan & benci adalah emosi dari dunia lama, dunia baru Anda menuju, hanya memiliki waktu untuk cinta.