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Imaan Booster: Jannah (Paradise)

info-pictogram1 Jannah (Arabic: جنّة‎ Jannah), an eternal place for Muslims, is the Islamic conception of paradise. The Arabic word Jannah is a shortened version meaning simply “Garden”. Sura 56:12-40 of the Qur’an describes the Islamic Paradisein sensual detail with dark-eyed damsels available for all Muslims.

According to Islamic eschatology, after death, one will reside in the grave until the appointed resurrection on Yawm al-Qiyāmah. Muslims believe that the treatment of the individual in the life of the grave will be according to his or her deeds in the worldly life. Jannah is often compared to Christian concepts of Heaven. According to Muslim belief, everything one longs for in this world will be there in Paradise.

The highest level of Paradise is Firdaws (Arabic: فردوس), which is where the prophets, the martyrs and the most truthful and pious people will dwell. In contrast to Jannah, the words Jahannam and Nār are used to refer to the concept of hell. There are many words in the Arabic language for both Heaven and Hell and those words also appear in the Quran and Hadeeth and most of them have become part of the Islamic traditions.
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Versailles Gardens, France


Paris has lots of famous attractions and Versailles Gardens are among them. Constructed in the 17th century, during the ministry of King Louis XIV (the Sun King), Versailles Gardens impress visitors with ornamental lakes, beautiful statues and numerous flower beds.

Palmengarten, Germany



Palmengarten offers visitors a wide variety of plants, exhibited in several climatic zones. This quiet garden with a playground for kids and deck-chairs surrounded by trees is a perfect place for a family recreation. Amateur and professional photographers can find inspiration for new masterpieces.

Shalimar Garden, Pakistan



The construction of Shalimar Garden took only one year (1641-1642). The main attractions of this garden are 5 water cascades and 410 fountains.

Kew Gardens, England



Kew Gardens are a paradise for plant lovers, as they have over 50 thousand species of plants. Its famous Palm House Shelters have 10 climatic zones that allow enjoying the most exotic plants, including vanila orchids and baobab trees. If you happen to visit Kew Gardens pop over the Bonsai House exhibiting 150-year-old trees.

Jardin Majorelle, Morocco


A garden the construction of which took over 40 years is bound to impress and astonish. Jardin Majorelle with fabulous marble pools, thousands of multicoloured flowers, huge collection of cacti and over 15 species of birds, is one of the most popular attractions in Morocco. Visit Jardin Majorelle and you will never regret it!

Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens, Washington


This 40-room mansion surrounded by a huge green garden once belonged to the founder of General Foods, Marjorie Merriweather Post. Today, this quiet place is opened for visitors and it is a perfect place to enjoy the silence and have afternoon tea. Numerous flowers, monuments and singing birds will help forget about the vanity of a large city.

Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland


The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is famous not for its numerous or exotic plant species. In fact, plants play the secondary role here, because Charles and Maggie Jencks, the creators of this place, wanted to demonstrate a unique combination of geometry, science, symmetry, strict lines and nature. Chess board alleys, diverse steel designs and unusual geometrical figures are harmonically combined with flowers and ornamental lakes. This unique place is opened for visitors only 1 day a year.

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands


Keukenhof is the largest flower garden in the world. Visit the garden in spring and admire the beauty of stunning flower beds made of over seven million hyacinths, tulips and daffodils. Visitors are offered boat and bike tours and also delicious meals at local cafes and restaurants.

Butchart Gardens, British Columbia


Butchart is one of the most famous and beautiful gardens in the world. It is famous for its 300 thousand flowerbeds and a spectacular waterfall. One of the oldest ornamental gardens in the world is especially beautiful in spring, when all flowerbeds are in blossom.

Suan Nong Nooch Gardens, Thailand


Suan Nong Nooch is famous not only for its huge collection of orchids and palms. It is also the place where tourists can enjoy various shows, including Thai cultural and elephant shows. What can be more exciting that a cultural show in a gorgeous garden!

Yuyuan Garden, China


If you want to feel the atmosphere of the medieval China, just visit Yuyuan Garden. The garden which was constructed in 1550 takes visitors to the Middle Ages. Yuyuan Garden or the Garden of Contentment is always flooded with tourists and therefore is not the best place for a quiet rest.


Tips for Growing Your Own Greens

Although at first glance one might see enhanced productivity simply through outsourcing all growth, is there not a form of deen-centered productivity that takes root when we return to the soil? 


Everything is almost always available. For those of us living in the industrialized world, our homes are a stone’s throw from major retailers, where goods of all season are almost always available. And for those who do not back up to shopping malls, the Internet malls are merely a click away. I recall the Internet boom in a major urban center in the mid-1990s when we could get nearly anything delivered, day or night. But, I also recall resisting such immediate consumption.

What about growing your own cherry tomatoes? And what about the joy of nurturing them, from start to delectable (small) finish, and then sharing the harvest? As ‘convenience’ and ‘choice’ become the hallmarks of our era, is it not time to reflect on what we may be giving up by our own consumptive patterns? How may we integrate different practices, for our own mental and physical well-being and ultimately the well-being of our planet, not to mention our own spiritual growth? What about reconsidering embedded notions of productivity (e.g. units processed per minute) and imagine instead our productivity as a function of how connected we are to our Creator (glorified and exalted be He), all while keeping our feet firmly rooted in the ground? Gardening has real power here, and the following tips will, In sha Allah, inspire you to grow your own greens.

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Be like a tree, even if people throw a stone to hurt you, drop a fruit to benefit them.

gb copy Be like a tree, even if people throw a stone to hurt you, drop a fruit to benefit them.
es copy Ser como un árbol, incluso si la gente tira una piedra a hacerte daño, deje caer una fruta para beneficiarlos.
nl copy Wees als een boom, zelfs als mensen gooien een steen om je pijn te doen, laat een vrucht aan hen ten goede komen.
fr copy Comme un arbre, même si les gens jettent une pierre de vous blesser, tomber un fruit à leur profit.
de copy Sei wie ein Baum, auch wenn die Menschen werfen einen Stein, um Sie zu verletzen, fallen eine Frucht, um ihnen zu profitieren.
CN67867 Yào xiàng yī kē shù, jíshǐ rénmen rēng shítou shānghài nǐ, fàngxià shuǐguǒ yǒuyì yú tāmen.
Sweden Var som ett träd, även om folk kastar en sten för att skada dig, släpp en frukt för att gynna dem.
rus7897 Bud’te kak derevo , dazhe yesli lyudi brosit’ kamen’ prichinit’ tebe bol’ , padeniye plod v ikh interesakh.
4523turkey Insanlar sana zarar vermek için bir taş atmak bile, onları Yardımı bir meyve damla, bir ağaç gibi.
images Siate come un albero, anche se la gente gettare una pietra di farti del male, cadere un frutto a loro favore.
indonesiaID Jadilah seperti pohon, bahkan jika orang melemparkan batu untuk menyakiti Anda, menjatuhkan buah untuk Manfaat mereka.

She who can turn her mind into a beautiful garden of colourful thoughts, is on the right path towards happiness.

gb copy She who can turn her mind into a beautiful garden of colourful thoughts, is on the right path towards happiness.
es copy Ella, que puede convertir su mente en un hermoso jardín de pensamientos de colores, está en el camino correcto hacia la felicidad.
nl copy Zij, die haar geest kan veranderen in een prachtige tuin van kleurrijke gedachten, is op de goede weg naar geluk.
fr copy Elle qui peut tourner son esprit dans un beau jardin de pensées colorées, est sur ​​la bonne voie vers le bonheur.
de copy Sie, die ihren Geist in einen schönen Garten von bunten Gedanken machen kann, ist auf dem richtigen Weg in Richtung Glück.
CN67867 Tā shuí kěyǐ bǎ tā de xīn biàn chéng wǔyánliùsè de xiǎngfǎ yīgè měilì de huāyuán, shì mài xiàng xìngfú de zhèngquè dàolù shàng.
Sweden Hon som kan förvandla hennes sinne i en vacker trädgård av färgglada tankar är på rätt väg mot lycka.
rus7897 Ona, kotoraya mozhet prevratit’ yeye razum v prekrasnyy sad krasochnykh mysli , nakhoditsya na pravil’nom puti k schast’yu.
4523turkey Renkli düşünceler güzel bir bahçeye zihnini açabilirsiniz O, mutluluk yolunda doğru yolda olduğunu.
images Lei che può trasformare la sua mente in un bellissimo giardino di pensieri colorati, è sulla strada giusta verso la felicità.
indonesiaID Dia yang bisa mengubah pikirannya menjadi taman yang indah berwarna-warni pikiran, adalah pada jalan yang benar menuju kebahagiaan.