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Nouman Ali Khan: Fasting Without Taqwa? (Video)

info-pictogram1 Taqwa is an Arabic word which is explained as a shield against wrongdoing and further expounded as to be “conscious of Allah” or to have “fear of Allah” or to be “cautiously aware of Allah”.

The origin of the word Taqwa is from the Arabic root letters wa’ ka’ ya (meaning shield) and its verb is from the word “Ittaki”. Ittakimeans to be careful or to be protected or to be cautious. Taqwa is an internal compass on the path that leads towards Allah. The broader meaning and character of Taqwa is to develop one’s behavior, so as to be cautiously aware in the worship of Allah and attain nearness to Him and in so doing, perfect oneself.

This consciousness and fear of Allah is understood as a protection and a shield against wrongdoing. The abstention of evil through this fear, consciousness and establishing a cautious awareness of Allah, ultimately develops one’s love of Him.
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Algeria will donate their World Cup prize money to the poor in Gaza



Algeria forward Islam Slimani has revealed that he and his team-mates are donating their money to people in Gaza.

The north African side won the hearts and minds of many with their heroic effort in pushing Germany to extra-time in their round of 16 World Cup clash.

And now their display of generosity to the poor and needy in Gaza has further endeared the watching world.

Slimani, who plays for Sporting Lisbon, said: “They need it more than us.

In stark contrast, Algeria’s fellow African World Cup participants Cameroon had well-documented divisions in their camp over the issue of prize money.

Algeria returned home to heroes’ welcome on Wednesday.




The closer you are to God, the source of love, the further away you are from pain, fear & heartache.

gb copy The closer you are to God, the source of love, the further away you are from pain, fear & heartache.
es copy Cuanto más cerca esté de Dios, fuente de amor, cuanto más lejos estás de dolor, miedo y angustia.
nl copy De dichter je bij God, de bron van liefde, hoe verder je bent van pijn, angst en verdriet.
fr copy Le plus vous êtes à Dieu, la source de l’amour, plus vous êtes loin de la douleur, la peur et le chagrin.
de copy Je näher man an Gott, der Quelle der Liebe, die weiter entfernt sind Sie von Schmerz, Angst und Kummer.
CN67867 Nǐ shì shàngdì, ài de yuántóu yuè jìn, yuè yuǎn nǐ shì cóng tòngkǔ, kǒngjù hé xīntòng.
Sweden Ju närmare du är till Gud, källan till kärlek, ju längre bort du är från smärta, rädsla och sorg.
rus7897 Чем ближе вы к Богу, источнику любви, тем дальше вы от боли, страха и страдания.
4523turkey Yakın Tanrı, sevgi kaynağı olan, daha uzakta acı, korku ve ıstırap vardır.
images Più si è vicini a Dio, sorgente dell’amore, il più lontano siete dal dolore, paura e angoscia.
indonesiaID Semakin dekat Anda dengan Tuhan, sumber cinta, semakin jauh Anda dari rasa sakit, rasa takut & sakit hati.