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Subhana’llah: Squirrels (IMAGES)


info-pictogram1 Their large eyes help them skilfully climb trees and avoid predators. Squirrels eat mostly nuts, fruits and seeds.

Doctor’s Orders: For Better Health, Put Your Hands in the Dirt


By: Sarah McColl

Eat more fruits and vegetables,” says every doctor everywhere—the kind of vague advice easily forgotten when passing apples on the way to the end-of-season ice cream sandwiches on sale at the store. So a clinic in Virginia has decided to get specific. Health care providers tear a page from a prescription pad, then walk with their patients out the back door and into what they say is the best kind of produce aisle and pharmacy: the garden row.

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The Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables – a Glorious Fight Against Food Waste (Video)

info-pictogram1 Now you can eat five inglorious fruits and vegetables per day. As good as normal fruits, but 30% cheaper. The “Inglorious Früchterds” (Fruits & Vegetables) is a glorious fight against food waste. An amazing idea.