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6 Things Every Muslim Should Avoid Sharing In The Social Media


Unless you have being living under a rock or in a cave for the past few years, you know that hundreds and millions of people from every race, gender and religion are rushing towards social media networks. However, like every other tool they are effective when used properly, on the contrary, if approached in an inappropriate and unauthorized manner, it can have negative effects in your spiritual as well as your worldly life.

Islam has covered every aspect of human life, whether economic, cultural individual or social. Since social media has turned out to be a necessary part of every Muslim’s day-to-day life, I have pulled together some guidelines from authentic Islamic sources; which will help out every Muslim to gain the actual benefits from social media and avoid its downside.

I suggest that every Muslim to read these six points before getting through Facebook,Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

1. Personal life

when it comes to sharing your personnel life on social media, there must be a fine line in how much detail you should and shouldn’t make public. If you are uncomfortable with something you are going to share, use your best judgment and avoid it at any cost.
Posting personnel pictures has become a trend among the Muslims nowadays. According to some reports, uploading your personnel pictures and pictures of your kids are the most hazardous thing to share in the social media; most probably your pictures will end up being used to scam or cyber bullying. So whatever you are posting don’t forget that Allah is watching , and the angels who record your deeds are not switched off even when you are online.

2. Arguments

Vain arguments should be strictly avoided. We must learn to tolerate other people’s views, because social media is a platform where people share their personnel opinions and beliefs. Starting an argument over stuff that doesn’t concern you, shows how much annoying you are and additionally it will give people a bad impression about our peaceful religion.
Sometimes you will find it hard to agree with something someone has posted, but it is better for you to avoid disagreeing with them which will eventually lead to an frustrating argument.

3. Foul language

As we all know social media is an excellent way of connecting and interacting with others, You might feel like you can say anything that comes out of your mind, but it’s important to realize that using foul languages and cursing are not appreciated online. Others might see the comments or posts that you have made, and it can cost you your friends and even your family life. You should not say anything on the social media that you won’t say in real life to someone.

Islam has given special attention to conversation; its style, its etiquette and directions, because the words that comes out from a man’s mouth reveals his intellectual grade and his moral nature. Before posting something take a glance at yourself, and ask will my post benefit someone or will it hurt someone . If the response is fine, then proceed, else avoiding it is a lot better, because to avoid causing troubles is a worship of large rewards.

“It is the excellence of a man’s faith that he gives up meaningless work” (Tirmizi)

4. Anything immodest

Posting comments or pictures which is related to sex is not an act of a Muslim. Maybe your non Muslim friends and co-workers are seeing what you post and they could stereotype that Islam is an immodest and a filthy religion. Islam encourages modesty; and it is an important part of our faith. If you lack any form of modesty then it is most likely that your faith is extremely weak.

“ Iman has some sixty or seventy branches, and modesty is an important part of Iman” (Bukhari)

5. Exposing sins

Committing sin is common as we are human beings; and no one is perfect unless you are God, but where some people cross the line is when they expose their own sins to others and take a pride out of it. Although Allah has concealed your faults and protected your honor, how are you supposed to share it with others online or offline?
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) warned:
“All of my nation will be will be forgiven except for those who make their sins public”.

6. Complaining

We all live in a world where people are dying from hunger and poverty and others dealing with protests, tornadoes, Tsunami and extremist attacks, and some others with financial and family problems. In this manner, no one is free from troubles and distress, but trying to deal with them by shouting and complaining on Social media won’t provide you with any help, rather it will make it worse. The only perfect way of getting around your problems is to seek the help from Allah, in whose hands rest all solutions for you affairs.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to say this prayer over and over:

“O Allah, yours is the praise, you are the one whose help we seek, you are the one we rely, your is the aid we seek. There is no might and strength except from Allah, the high and the almighty”.

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