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The Little Flowers



By: Shifnas Bint Thamiem

Being in the middle of a newly bloomed garden with cool breeze early in the morning nourishes our feelings. Spending time with little , who look like buds waiting to blossom, gives us the same kind of refreshment. These little flowers of our ummah can pour joy and happiness into our lives. Noisy chit chats, innocent giggles, messy acts and pure smiles bring tranquility to our hearts.

Subhan , kids are an amaanat from Allah Subhanahu-wa-Taala . They are but a trust from Allah Allah Subhanahu-wa-Taala and we should handle them with extra care. We, as guardians, will be questioned about how we exercised our responsibilities while taking care of our amaanat.

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Subhana’llah: Blue Orchids (IMAGES)


info-pictogram1 Blue orchids are rare, beautiful and deep meaningful flowers. They bring satisfaction and happiness even to people who do not appreciate flowers very much, as their beauty is astonishing. Even if they are about to be extinct, they are popular flowers and very hard to get, as well.

Sign the petition: Tell our government to stop arming Israel with weapons which have been massacring Palestinians


Flowers were laid outside Downing street yesterday (29 July) as part of a vigil/protest to commemorate the children that have been killed by Israel in the last 22 days.

Tell our government to stop arming Israel with weapons which have been massacring Palestinians. Sign the petition:

Amazing Nature (Full HD 1080p Video)


Versailles Gardens, France


Paris has lots of famous attractions and Versailles Gardens are among them. Constructed in the 17th century, during the ministry of King Louis XIV (the Sun King), Versailles Gardens impress visitors with ornamental lakes, beautiful statues and numerous flower beds.

Palmengarten, Germany



Palmengarten offers visitors a wide variety of plants, exhibited in several climatic zones. This quiet garden with a playground for kids and deck-chairs surrounded by trees is a perfect place for a family recreation. Amateur and professional photographers can find inspiration for new masterpieces.

Shalimar Garden, Pakistan



The construction of Shalimar Garden took only one year (1641-1642). The main attractions of this garden are 5 water cascades and 410 fountains.

Kew Gardens, England



Kew Gardens are a paradise for plant lovers, as they have over 50 thousand species of plants. Its famous Palm House Shelters have 10 climatic zones that allow enjoying the most exotic plants, including vanila orchids and baobab trees. If you happen to visit Kew Gardens pop over the Bonsai House exhibiting 150-year-old trees.

Jardin Majorelle, Morocco


A garden the construction of which took over 40 years is bound to impress and astonish. Jardin Majorelle with fabulous marble pools, thousands of multicoloured flowers, huge collection of cacti and over 15 species of birds, is one of the most popular attractions in Morocco. Visit Jardin Majorelle and you will never regret it!

Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens, Washington


This 40-room mansion surrounded by a huge green garden once belonged to the founder of General Foods, Marjorie Merriweather Post. Today, this quiet place is opened for visitors and it is a perfect place to enjoy the silence and have afternoon tea. Numerous flowers, monuments and singing birds will help forget about the vanity of a large city.

Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland


The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is famous not for its numerous or exotic plant species. In fact, plants play the secondary role here, because Charles and Maggie Jencks, the creators of this place, wanted to demonstrate a unique combination of geometry, science, symmetry, strict lines and nature. Chess board alleys, diverse steel designs and unusual geometrical figures are harmonically combined with flowers and ornamental lakes. This unique place is opened for visitors only 1 day a year.

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands


Keukenhof is the largest flower garden in the world. Visit the garden in spring and admire the beauty of stunning flower beds made of over seven million hyacinths, tulips and daffodils. Visitors are offered boat and bike tours and also delicious meals at local cafes and restaurants.

Butchart Gardens, British Columbia


Butchart is one of the most famous and beautiful gardens in the world. It is famous for its 300 thousand flowerbeds and a spectacular waterfall. One of the oldest ornamental gardens in the world is especially beautiful in spring, when all flowerbeds are in blossom.

Suan Nong Nooch Gardens, Thailand


Suan Nong Nooch is famous not only for its huge collection of orchids and palms. It is also the place where tourists can enjoy various shows, including Thai cultural and elephant shows. What can be more exciting that a cultural show in a gorgeous garden!

Yuyuan Garden, China


If you want to feel the atmosphere of the medieval China, just visit Yuyuan Garden. The garden which was constructed in 1550 takes visitors to the Middle Ages. Yuyuan Garden or the Garden of Contentment is always flooded with tourists and therefore is not the best place for a quiet rest.




Tulips have long been one of the hallmarks of the Netherlands, and one of the main exports of the country. Every March, the fields just outside the Dutch capital Amsterdam turn from sandy patches into carpets of lime green sprouts. By the time the season is in full swing, the area is swathed in red, pink, purple, orange, and yellow blooms. The view really that reminds of The Wizard of Oz.



Spring is the season of the year when one can witness an amazing “Golden Sea” of canola flowers. These fields of canola flowers are in Luoping, China are one of the world’s most beautiful sights. Vast farmlands are covered in golden, yellow rapeseed flowers stretching as far as the eyes can see. The best time to visit Luoping for this visual fiesta is early spring.

True beauty emanates from within, do not be fooled by external appearances, beauty flowers from within the heart.

gb copy True beauty emanates from within, do not be fooled by external appearances, beauty flowers from within the heart.
es copy La verdadera belleza emana de su interior, no se deje engañar por las apariencias externas, flores de belleza desde dentro del corazón.
nl copy Echte schoonheid straalt van binnenuit, laat je niet misleiden door uiterlijkheden, schoonheid bloemen vanuit het hart.
fr copy La vraie beauté émane de l’intérieur, ne vous laissez pas berner par les apparences extérieures, fleurs de beauté de l’intérieur du coeur.
de copy Wahre Schönheit strahlt von innen, nicht von Äußerlichkeiten, Beauty Blumen aus dem Herzen täuschen.
CN67867 Cóng nèibù zhēnzhèng dì měifǎ sàn, bùyào bèi wài zài zītài, cóng xīnzàng nèi dì měilì huāduǒ shàngdàng.
Sweden Sann skönhet kommer från inom, låt dig inte luras av externa framträdanden, skönhets blommor inifrån hjärtat.
rus7897 Istinnaya krasota iskhodit iznutri, ne obmanyvayte sebya po vneshnemu vidu , kosmeticheskiye tsvetov iz v serdtse.
4523turkey Gerçek güzellik yayılan, kalp içinde dış görünüş, güzellik çiçekler tarafından aldanmayın.
images La vera bellezza emana dal di dentro, non fatevi ingannare dalle apparenze esterne, fiori di bellezza dall’interno del cuore.
indonesiaID Kecantikan sejati berasal dari dalam, jangan tertipu oleh penampilan luar, bunga kecantikan dari dalam hati.

The season of happiness comes after the season of acceptance, when you have learned to accept yourself, life flowers again.

gb copy The season of happiness comes after the season of acceptance, when you have learned to accept yourself, life flowers again.
es copy La temporada de la felicidad viene después de la temporada de la aceptación, cuando ha aprendido a aceptarte a ti mismo, la vida florece de nuevo.
nl copy Het seizoen van geluk komt na het seizoen van aanvaarding, wanneer je hebt geleerd om jezelf te accepteren, begint het leven weer te bloeien.
fr copy La saison de bonheur vient après la saison d’acceptation, lorsque vous avez appris à vous, fleurs de la vie accepter à nouveau.
de copy Die Saison der Glück kommt nach der Saison der Akzeptanz, wenn Sie gelernt haben, sich selbst, das Leben wieder Blumen zu akzeptieren.
CN67867 Xìngfú de jìjié láilín shí yànshōu, dāng nǐ xuéhuìle zài jiēshòu zìjǐ, shēnghuó de huāduǒ zài sàijì jiéshù hòu.
Sweden Säsongen av lycka kommer efter säsongen av acceptans, när du har lärt dig att acceptera dig själv, livet blommar igen.
rus7897 Sezon schast’ya prikhodit posle sezona prinyatii, kogda vy nauchilis’ prinimat’ sebya , zhizni tsvety snova.
4523turkey Mutluluk sezon tekrar kendinizi, hayat çiçek kabul etmeyi öğrendim kabulün sezon sonra geliyor.