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How Billionaires Will Survive The Apocalypse (Video)

info-pictogram1 What’s the one percent to do when the world they probably helped destroy finally crumbles? From luxury bunkers and floating cities to an escape route to Mars, AJ+ takes a look at doomsday prepping for the super rich.

Gift of the Givers from South Africa were finally allowed in this weekend into ‪#‎Gaza‬

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Gift of the Givers from South Africa were finally allowed in this weekend into ‪#‎Gaza‬. Thanx for putting extra pressure on the Egypt Embassy.

Israel has finally accepted Hamas’s conditions for long-term ceasefire


By: Mohammed Zeyara

Alhamduilah, Israel has finally accepted Hamas’s conditions for long-term ceasefire! War has officially stopped. Congradulations to every Palestinian, to every Muslim, and to every human being who supports peace in humanity. Gaza, you have made us all proud.

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US media finally acknowledges Gazans’ plight

Israel may fear results as for first time, jolted by social media, mainstream channels reveal true conditions in Gaza.


By: Patty Culhane


I sometimes wonder about how many businesses have been impacted by the invention of the Internet. Think about it, when we first started typing www, do you think any travel agents said well this is seriously going to kill my business? Did anyone envision the impact of what a store like Amazon would do to traditional business?

Who really thought well one day there will be a virtual store where I can buy costumes for my cat, laundry detergent and a blanket with sleeves. It’s changing something else that I truly never expected, the narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the US.

For the first time, I’ve seen the mainstream media actually devote a considerable amount of time describing not just the current fighting but the conditions that the people of Gaza live under.

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Underwater Tornado of Fish (Video)

info-pictogram1 For the past three years, San Diego-based photographer Octavio Aburto  has had a specific photo idea brewing in his mind. He wanted to photograph the incredible underwater tornado that forms when massive groups of fish congregate to reproduce. This past November, he finally got his photo opportunity while diving with his friend David at Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico. The beautiful 24-second video above shows what Aburto witnessed.


You may fall in love with the beauty of someone. But remember, finally you have to live with the character, not beauty.

gb copy You may fall in love with the beauty of someone. But remember, finally you have to live with the character, not beauty.
es copy Es posible que se enamore de la belleza de una persona. Pero recuerda, finalmente, usted tiene que vivir con el personaje, no la belleza.
nl copy U kunt verliefd worden op de schoonheid van iemand. Maar vergeet niet, uiteindelijk moet je leven met het personage, niet schoonheid.
fr copy Vous risquez de tomber en amour avec la beauté d’une personne. Mais rappelez-vous, enfin, vous avez à vivre avec le caractère, pas la beauté.
de copy Sie können in der Liebe mit der Schönheit von jemandem fallen. Aber denken Sie daran, Sie schließlich mit dem Charakter, Schönheit nicht leben.
CN67867 Nín kěnéng ài shàng biérén dì měilì. Dàn yào jì zhù, zuìhòu nǐ bùdé bù rěnshòu de zìfú, ér bùshì měilì.
Sweden Du kan bli kär i skönheten i någon. Men kom ihåg, till slut måste man leva med karaktär, inte skönhet.
rus7897 Vy mozhete vlyubit’sya v krasotu kogo-to. No pomnite, nakonets, vy dolzhny zhit’ s kharakterom , a ne krasoty.
4523turkey Eğer birinin güzelliği ile aşık olabilir. Ama sonunda sen karakter, güzellik ile yaşamak zorunda hatırlıyorum.
images Si può cadere in amore con la bellezza di qualcuno. Ma ricorda, infine, si deve convivere con il carattere, non la bellezza.
indonesiaID Anda mungkin jatuh cinta dengan keindahan seseorang. Tapi ingat, akhirnya Anda harus hidup dengan karakter, bukan kecantikan.