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55-Surah Ar-Rahman


This Surah is entitled Ar Rahman, the word with which it begins. This title, however, deeply relates to the subject matter of the Surah too, for in it, from the beginning to the end, the manifestations and fruits of Allah’s attribute of mercy and grace have been mentioned.

1. The Most Merciful

2. Taught the Qur’ān,

3. Created man,

4. [And] taught him eloquence.

5. The sun and the moon [move] by precise calculation,

6. And the stars and trees prostrate.

7. And the heaven He raised and imposed the balance

8. That you not transgress within the balance.

9. And establish weight in justice and do not make deficient the balance.

10. And the earth He laid [out] for the creatures.

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We are so blessed we can’t even fully comprehend it


This very moment right now in 2014, we are so blessed we can’t even fully comprehend it. Our lungs breathe for us subconsciously, our heart pumps our blood throughout our body at worp speed, our kidneys flush out the toxins, our body maintains our nutrition, our immune system keeps us healthy, our eyes are reading this status & our brain is processing it, etc! Subhan’Allah, so amazing!

“And if you should count the favors of Allah, you could not enumerate them” [see 16:18]

Whoa, so cool isn’t it, ma’sha’Allah! (a reminder to myself first and foremost, in’sha’Allah)

Allahu Akbar!