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The only never ending & never failing love is love for Allah

gb copy The only never ending & never failing love is love for Allah.
es copy El amor sólo que nunca termina y que nunca falla es el amor por Allah.
nl copy De enige nooit eindigende en nooit falende liefde is liefde voor Allah.
fr copy L’amour ne se termine jamais et ne manquant jamais de l’amour pour Allah.
de copy Das einzige, nicht enden wollenden und nie versiegende Liebe ist die Liebe zu Allah.
CN67867 Wéiyī de shàng fáng hé yǒng bù shībài de ài shì ài zhēnzhǔ.
Sweden Den enda eviga och aldrig sviktande kärlek är kärlek till Allah.
rus7897 Tol’ko beskonechnyy i nikogda ne nesposobnost’ lyubov’ yest’ lyubov’ k Allakhu.
4523turkey Sadece hiç bitmeyen ve asla başarısız aşk, Allah için sevgidir.
images L’unico amore non finisce mai e mai mancato è l’amore per Allah.
indonesiaID Satu-satunya yang tidak pernah berakhir & tidak pernah gagal cinta adalah cinta kepada Allah.

Gaza ceasefire extended by five days

Welcome reprieve continues for Gaza as sides agree more time needed to hammer out a permanent end to conflict.


Israeli and Palestinian negotiators have agreed to extend a ceasefire in Gaza for another five days after failing to reach a long term agreement in Cairo-mediated talks, Palestinian and Egyptian officials said on Wednesday.

A previously agreed three-day truce was set to expire less than an hour afterwards, at midnight local time (2100 GMT).

“We have agreed to give more time for the negotiations,” Azzam al-Ahmed, head of the Palestinian delegation in Cairo said on Wednesday, saying the extra time would be a further five days.

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