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Boycott? Did someone say boycott? Here’s what we really need to boycott!


By: Imam Tahir Anwar

Boycott interest. Boycott alcohol. Boycott Haram relationships. Boycott mortgages. Boycott haram earnings. Boycott spousal abuse. Boycott doubtful food. Boycott extravagant weddings. Boycott backbiting. Boycott missing prayers. Boycott disobedience of parents. Boycott nationalism. Boycott all forms of Haram.

‘Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.’ 13:11

(inspired by Sh A. Raheem)

Qur’an: Indeed, the Extravagant are brothers of the devils (IMAGE)


Indeed, the Extravagant are brothers 
of the devils, and ever has Satan been to his Lord ungrateful.” – Al Qur’an, 17:27


Dictionary “Extravagant“: extreme, unusual, or unreasonable
Example: ‘Spending much more than is necessary or wise: an extravagant shopper.’