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The Islamic standard of excellence in work and life



Shaykh Faraz Rabbani shares seven principles for making our work an act of worship. These are seven principles understood clearly from the Qur’an and Prophetic Sunna:

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10 habits of highly effective Muslim husbands


Alhamdullilah, I have been married for almost three years now and I feel that Muslim Marriage is one of the most beautiful gifts that Allah has given to Muslims in this world.

However, Muslim Marriage doesn’t come easy right away. Actually, many husbands today have been spoiled by family or their environment or even society and media. This has caused us to lose our manliness and personal striving that our forefathers and great men in the history of Islam had.

Now, as a Muslim Husband in this generation, I know how important and necessary it is for every Muslim Husband to work hard at their marriage in order for this Ummah to be strong again. After all, without the Muslim Family foundation, all other foundations cannot be formed.

I’ve put together some habits as a personal reminder to myself first and hopefully it can benefit Muslim Husbands out there who want to create a blissful marriage. Some ideas presented are from what I’ve read and heard and some are from experience. Take what applies to you and act on it.

So, let’s start…

1. Exercising, Staying Fit and Healthy

Sorry, brothers, you know this was coming. It is important that we stay healthy, exercise and keep fit for our wives and children. Many of us let ourselves go after marriage when it should be the other way around. When we are fit, we can do more for our wives and children. We also feel good that we are a strong contributing member of the Ummah.

My wife told me a story of how she was visiting a Muslim country recently and saw many couples where the wife was still dressed up nicely but the husband had totally let himself go.

I’m not asking everyone to be Arnold Schwarzenegger but to exercise so that when your kids are 12 years old, you can still kick a soccer ball with them. Because of my career in the software industry, I have to especially work hard at it as it is so easy for me to slack off (which I already have on a few occasions).

Doing what you enjoy will also help you stay fit. You don’t have to lift weights to stay in shape. As long as whatever you do helps you maintain a healthy, fit, Islamic lifestyle.

Also, it is imperative to eat a healthy diet. It doesn’t make much sense to work-out and stay fit and indulge in sweets and desserts everyday. Having a sweet tooth my whole life, I have now limited my sweet intake to one day of the week and have noticed positive changes like having more energy.

2. Dress well and with Ihsan (Excellence)

This is something I had to work on as I was never a good dresser when growing up. It doesn’t mean you have to wear rich expensive clothes. It means that your clothes are in good condition and you look presentable.

Muslims in history were known to dress excellently and to take care of their bodies. In the middle ages, Muslim Spain had running water and baths while the rest of Europe hardly washed their bodies.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to wear Musk to smell good.

Prophetic Saying:

Muslim narrated that Abu Sai’d Al-Khudri said that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The best type of perfume is Musk.”

Try to buy quality over price or quantity as this is what dressing with Ihsan (Excellence) is about. At the end of the day, your wife will be happy with you and be thinking “MashaAllah.”

3. Read

It is no surprise that the first word revealed from the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was “Read…” (Surah Alaq 96:1).

I always struggled with reading growing up as I was too preoccupied with TV and video games. Even though I excelled in school, reading was always a chore and I didn’t do a lot of it.

However, as a Muslim Husband, reading is an important skill to have. Not only will it enrich you with more knowledge, it can also help with your communication and conversation skills with your wife and children. You will have much more interesting and important things to say and teach your children too.

Especially in today’s age of changing media and technology, if you are not reading and learning, you will be more susceptible to negative influences around you.

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Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.

gb copy Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.
es copy La excelencia no es un accidente. Siempre es el resultado de la alta intención, esfuerzo sincero y la ejecución inteligente.
nl copy Excellence is nooit een ongeval. Het is altijd het resultaat van hoge intentie, oprechte poging, en intelligente uitvoering.
fr copy L’excellence n’est jamais un accident. Il est toujours le résultat d’une grande intention, l’effort sincère, et l’exécution intelligente.
de copy Excellence ist nie ein Unfall. Es ist immer das Ergebnis hoher Ziele, aufrichtiger Bemühungen, intelligenter und Ausführung.
CN67867 Zhuóyuè jué bùshì ǒurán de. Tā shǐzhōng shì gāo yìxiàng, zhēnchéng de nǔlì, yǐjí zhìnéng de zhí háng jiéguǒ.
Sweden Excellence är aldrig en olycka. Det är alltid ett resultat av hög avsikt, uppriktiga ansträngningar, och intelligent utförande.
rus7897 Совершенство не бывает случайным. Это всегда результат высокого намерения, искренние усилия и интеллектуальный исполнения.
4523turkey Mükemmellik bir kaza asla. Her zaman yüksek niyet, samimi çaba ve akıllı yürütme sonucudur.
images L’eccellenza non è mai un incidente. E ‘sempre il risultato di alto intenzione, sforzo sincero, e l’esecuzione intelligente.
indonesiaID Keunggulan tidak pernah kecelakaan. Ini selalu merupakan hasil dari niat yang tinggi, usaha yang tulus, dan eksekusi yang cerdas.