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100 Muslims, 1 Question – Episode 9: American (Video)

info-pictogram1 What is your favorite thing about being an American (or any other nationality)?
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Mohammed Faris: Productive Ramadan Tips (Video Playlist)

info-pictogram1 Mohammed Faris, founder of (aka Abu Productive), shares with you daily tips to help you become productive during Ramadan. In this episode you’ll learn about:

Sustaining energy throughout Ramadan with the power of “Intentionality”. This is not about simply stating intentions but being “Intentional” about how you’ll spend your Energy, Focus, and Time to maximize your Ramadan potential.

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The Deen Show: Millionaire Preachers(Pimps) of LA with Former Christian Pastor who accepted Islam (Video)

info-pictogram1 A former Christian Pastor is on TheDeenShow this week to share his story. Don’t miss!
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THE DEEN SHOW: Is Christmas or Santa in the Bible? (VIDEO)

info-pictogram1 Help us get the word out about TheDeenShow. Take this video link and send it out to your facebook,twitter,websites,Blogs,newslett­ers,emails, etc.. send it out to the world.
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info-pictogram1 Meet the man who’s song was on the GTA album that sold over 6 million records. We’ll be talking about Hiphop, Music, and Islam.
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