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The Evil Twins : Jealousy & Envy (Video)

info-pictogram1 Jealousy and envy is basically when you see someone has something and you want it for yourself. Islamically, there is a concept known as hasad. Hasad is similar to jealousy and envy, expect in hasad, you not only want what they have, but you also want that they don’t have it.

For example, let’s say you know someone who has more friends than you on Facebook or more followers on twitter. Hasad is you wanting more followers and friends than they have and that they have less. Thus, whatever they have and they’ve been blessed with be taken away from them.

It’s normal for people to feel jealous or envious of others when you see they’ve been blessed with certain things. The best possible tip I have for you, whenever you’re feeling jealous or envious make a very simple du’a (supplication/prayer to Allah).

That du’a is, “Allahumma zid wa barik”

You’re saying, “O Allah, increase them in what you’ve given them and put blessings in it.”

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Your enemy has fun in your sorrow, it makes the envious pleased.

gb copy Your enemy has fun in your sorrow, it makes the envious pleased.
es copy Tu enemigo se divierte en su dolor, que hace que la complace envidioso.
nl copy Uw vijand heeft plezier aan uw droefheid, het maakt de jaloersen verheugd.
fr copy Votre ennemi a du plaisir dans votre chagrin, il rend le plaisir envieux.
de copy Ihr Feind hat Spaß in Ihrer Trauer, macht es der neidische zufrieden.
CN67867 Nǐ de dírén yǒu lèqù, nǐ de yōuchóu, zhè ràng xiànmù gāoxìng.
Sweden Din fiende har kul i din sorg, det gör de avundsjuka nöjd.
rus7897 Vash vrag imeyet udovol’stviye v vashem gore , on delayet zavistnikov dovolen.
4523turkey Sizin düşman üzüntü eğlenceli vardır, o kıskanç memnun yapar.
images Il tuo nemico ha divertimento nel vostro dolore, rende il piacere invidioso.
indonesiaID Musuh Anda memiliki menyenangkan dalam kesedihan Anda, itu membuat iri senang.