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US: Detroit Muslims donate $100,000 in post flood relief


By: Jen Hayden


Positive news for Detroit residents on the verge of having their water shut off:

Two Muslim organizations are donating $100,000 to provide assistance to Detroit residents facing water shutoffs or recovering from recent flooding.

The Michigan Muslim Community Council has partnered with Islamic Relief USA, the largest Muslim charity organization in the country, to help thousands of households at risk of having their water shut off. The grant will be divided between the Detroit Water Fund, United Way of Southeastern Michigan and Wayne Metro Community Council.

The organizations are hoping to encourage others to follow suit:

“We are hoping this is going to be contagious,” Anwar Khan, CEO of Islamic Relief USA, said in a statement. “The most important thing we have is not our money, it’s our energy and our enthusiasm, and it’s our people. … Also, it is important to us in our faith to help our neighbors. It is a part of our faith to help our friends.”


Muslims let not videos like this lead us towards arrogance but instead take the good from them, Atheists this is not to attack you as people but instead to highlight the flaws of your world view and to encourage you to turn towards the truth.

Dr Zakir Naik: It is good to encourage our children to fast (Video)

info-pictogram1 It is good to encourage our children to fast by Dr Zakir Naik. The beloved Prophet said the pen has been lifted that means it’s not obligatory on them to fast. Same as prayer also, they are not obliged but it’s good to encourage our children to fast as early as possible though it’s not compulsory.

Nouman Ali Khan: Tricks of Satan (Quran Weekly)


info-pictogram1 Shaytaan will not immediately convince us to commit a major sin, instead he will encourage us to take small steps towards that major sin. It is our job to fight his whispers and our temptations.
More Quran Weekly video’s…

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A sin might be a wekness, but to encourage others to sin is much more damaging to our spirituality.


Do The Media Encourage Islamophobia? Russell Brand The Trews Ep57 (Video)

info-pictogram1 Russell Brand The Trews Ep 57 feat. Alastair Campbell
On today’s Trews: Loan sharks, freedom of the press, the rise of UKIP, taxing billionaires and more.
I give you the true news so you don’t have to invest any money in buying newspapers that charge you for the privilege of keeping your consciousness imprisoned in a tiny box of ignorance and lies.
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Islam encourages us to constantly think of death, not to suffer morbid depression, but rather to encourage positive activism.

gb copy Islam encourages us to constantly think of death, not to suffer morbid depression, but rather to encourage positive activism.
es copy Islam nos anima a pensar constantemente en la muerte, para no sufrir depresión mórbida, sino fomentar el activismo positivo.
nl copy De islam moedigt ons aan om voortdurend denken aan de dood, niet te lijden morbide depressie, maar om positief activisme te stimuleren.
fr copy L’islam nous encourage à penser en permanence de la mort, de ne pas souffrir de dépression morbide, mais plutôt à encourager l’activisme positif.
de copy Islam ermutigt uns, ständig an den Tod denken, um nicht zu krankhaften Depression leiden, sondern um positive Aktivismus zu fördern.
CN67867 Yīsīlán jiào gǔlì wǒmen bùduàn de xiǎngdào sǐ, bù huàn yìyù zhèng de bìngtài, ér shì gǔlì jījí de xíngdòng.
Sweden Islam uppmuntrar oss att hela tiden tänka på döden, inte att lida sjuklig depression, utan snarare att uppmuntra positiv aktivism.
rus7897 Ислам призывает нас постоянно думать о смерти, чтобы не страдать болезненной депрессии, а скорее поощрять положительную активность.
4523turkey İslam marazi depresyon acı değil, sürekli ölümü düşünmek bizi teşvik eder, ama oldukça olumlu aktivizmi teşvik etmek.
images L’Islam ci incoraggia a pensare continuamente di morte, di non soffrire di depressione patologica, ma piuttosto per incoraggiare l’attivismo positivo.
indonesiaID Islam mendorong kita untuk terus-menerus memikirkan kematian, tidak menderita depresi morbid, melainkan untuk mendorong aktivisme positif.