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Pop culture is the Qur’an of empty souls.

gb copy Pop culture is the Qur’an of empty souls.
es copy La cultura pop es el Corán o almas vacías.
nl copy Popcultuur is de Koran van lege zielen.
fr copy La culture pop est le Coran ou les âmes vides.
de copy Pop-Kultur ist der Koran oder leere Seelen.
CN67867 Liúxíng wénhuà shì gǔlánjīng huò kōng de línghún.
Sweden Popkultur är Koranen eller tomma själar.
rus7897 Pop-kul’tura yavlyayetsya Koran ili pustyye dushi.
4523turkey Pop kültürü Kur’an veya boş ruhlar olduğunu.
images La cultura pop è il Corano o anime vuote.
indonesiaID Budaya pop adalah Qur’an atau jiwa-jiwa yang kosong.

You must empty your mind & heart of worries, only when you are empty of fear can your heart & mind be filled with joy.

gb copy You must empty your mind & heart of worries, only when you are empty of fear can your heart & mind be filled with joy.
es copy Debe vaciar la mente y el corazón de las preocupaciones, sólo cuando esté vacío de miedo puede su corazón y mente se llenaron de alegría.
nl copy Je moet je geest en hart van zorgen leeg, alleen als je leeg van angst kan je hart en geest worden gevuld met vreugde.
fr copy Vous devez vider votre esprit et le coeur de soucis, que lorsque vous êtes vide de la peur peuvent votre cœur et l’esprit sont remplis de joie.
de copy Sie müssen Ihren Geist und Herz von Sorgen zu leeren, nur, wenn Sie leer sind von Angst kann dein Herz und Geist mit Freude gefüllt werden.
CN67867 Nín bìxū qīngkōng nǐ de tóunǎo hé yōulǜ xīnzàng, zhǐyǒu dāng nǐ shì kōng de kǒngjù kěnéng nǐ de xīnzàng hé tóunǎo chōngmǎn xǐyuè.
Sweden Du måste tömma ditt sinne och hjärta bekymmer, bara när du är tomma av rädsla kan ditt hjärta och sinne fyllas med glädje.
rus7897 Vy dolzhny ochistit’ svoy ​​um & serdtse zabot , tol’ko togda, kogda vy pusty strakha mozhet vashe serdtse i um budet napolnen radost’yu.
4523turkey Eğer kalp ve zihin neşe dolu olabilir korku boş sadece zaman, zihninizi ve endişeler kalbini boş olmalıdır.
images È necessario svuotare la mente e il cuore di preoccupazioni, solo quando si è vuoti di paura può il cuore e la mente sono pieni di gioia.
indonesiaID Anda harus mengosongkan pikiran & hati kekhawatiran, hanya jika Anda kosong takut dapat hati & pikiran akan dipenuhi dengan sukacita.

Lady Gaga Fan Converts to Islam becomes Muslim (Video)

info-pictogram1 In this video a Lady Gaga fan realizes that her life is empty and Islam is the only way she can find peace and happiness she needs.
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Where to Find Inspiration


You might have already gone through the phase where you feel depressed, empty or lonely and it starts to become a problem because you don’t know how to or where to get rid of these feelings. Some people may be going through this phase now and don’t know how to find any inspiration or motivation to do anything. Sometimes it becomes so hectic and frustrating that you keep all these feelings bottled up (PLEASE DON’T DO THAT) inside yourself and your heart starts throbbing. You don’t know who to talk to because it feels like all the advice you are getting you may have already heard or it is not relatable.

Today, in the digital age you meet people on social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook and other online forums) where you start to feel like you are being understood. Lately, I have been getting a lot of friends on Twitter suggesting these accounts I should follow because these people are so inspirational (which they are) and because they say things in such a simple manner that help them get through the day. So, the time came when I sat down with a hot cup of tea and I went through these accounts to find out what makes these people so inspirational and different from other accounts. I was enjoying what I was reading because I learnt a lot but one thing I didn’t find as much as I was hoping for – inspiration.

Now, you might think ‘why do you not find this account inspirational?’ It ticks all the boxes. They are quotes from the Quran, Hadith, originality and constant reminders of Islam. I won’t lie, these accounts are amazing and may Allah bless these individuals with everything they deserve. The reason why I didn’t find these people inspirational is because when I read text, there is a difference between a text coming from the heart and text just being written. For example, when I read a verse from the Quran it either makes me cry, think or open my mind or all of them at once. Whilst going through these accounts nothing touched my heart or made me say ‘oh wow! Yes!’ or even make me nod my head in 100% agreement.

However, there are some accounts that I love so much because through their thoughts, I can feel that there is a person behind a computer screen who is typing all these heart-warming reminders and texts. I admire these accounts that I always go on their account because I know I will either learn something, remember something or find a source for inspiration. I feel that there will always be something that will trace my steps back to the Quran and Hadith. But, have you ever asked yourself where these people get their inspiration from? Where are these people getting all this knowledge from? When someone posts an Islamic reminder or a quote from the Quran, we read it and smile but do we ever go and read the Quran or Hadith and learn ourselves what Allah has written. What made this person tweet or post this? Haveyou ever gone through the extra effort to go and research on the information these people have posted? Ask yourselves, are these people inspirational or is the information they are posting inspirational? Because at the end of the day all these quotes are from the Quran and Hadith.

Don’t limit yourself to online social networking websites. Go and be the person where people come to you for inspiration and you can direct them to the source of your inspiration so that they can pass this knowledge on to others. Do this so that people go to the Quran and Hadith and solidify their knowledge. Do this so that these tweets and posts are more than just words but are the worlds of Allah (I am talking about when people post Quranic text and Hadith). My point here is that question yourself and go ask these people where they get this knowledge from. Don’t be the robot who accepts the answer and moves on! Be a human and build your own personality! Most importantly, be a Muslim.

May Allah guide us all on to the correct path and forgive us all for any mistakes we make. Insha’Allah I pray that He gives you the things that you deserve and not desire because, after all, He knows what is best for us.

By: Afza Tabassum Qureshi


You will find when you do not seek, be empty of thought & desire & God will come when you stop forcing the issue.

gb copy You will find when you do not seek, be empty of thought & desire & God will come when you stop forcing the issue.
es copy Usted encontrará que usted no busca, estar vacío de pensamiento y deseo y Dios vendrá cuando deje de forzar el tema.
nl copy U vindt als je niet zoekt, leeg zijn van het denken en verlangen en God zal komen wanneer u stopt met het forceren van de kwestie.
fr copy Vous trouverez lorsque vous ne cherchez pas, être vide de la pensée et le désir et Dieu viendra où vous arrêtez de forcer la question.
de copy Sie finden, wenn Sie nicht versuchen, leer sein Denken und Wunsch & Gott wird kommen, wenn Sie aufhören, das Problem zu zwingen.
CN67867 Nǐ huì fāxiàn dāng nǐ bù qiú, shì kōng de sīxiǎng hé yùwàng yǔ shàngdì de, dāng nǐ tíngzhǐ qiángzhì de wèntí huì lái.
Sweden Du kommer att hitta när man inte söka, vara tom tanke & lust och Gud kommer när du slutar tvinga frågan.
rus7897 Vy naydete, kogda vy ne ishchete , byt’ pustym mysli i zhelaniya i Boga pridet, kogda vy perestanete zastavlyaya vopros.
4523turkey Eğer istemiyoruz zaman sorunu zorlayarak durdurmak zaman gelecek düşünce ve arzu ve Tanrı’nın boş bulacaksınız.
images Troverete quando non si cercano, essere vuoto di pensiero e desiderio e Dio verrà quando si smette di forzare il problema.
indonesiaID Anda akan menemukan ketika Anda tidak mencari, kosong pikiran & keinginan & Tuhan akan datang ketika Anda berhenti memaksa masalah ini.