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Getting Kids to Listen



One of the hardest parts of parenting is getting our kids to listen to us, and then, of course, getting them to do what we ask!

If you remember to use a few important skills this job will be much easier for you. Insha Allah

Think before you speak.

You tell your daughter it’s time to leave, then take twenty more minutes to get yourself ready. You ask your kids to clean up the family room, then allow the mess to remain for the night. You threaten to cancel your child’s trip if he speaks badly to you again. He does, but you don’t. All these scenes create kids who have “selective hearing.” Instead, take a minute to think before you issue a command, be specific, and your words will become more accurate and meaningful.

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It is quite scary to know you’re changing but not know who you are becoming


By: Khalil Ismail

The process of waiting in your cocoon requires the ability to sit still in darkness without knowledge of where or when Allah will break you out. And it might seem that even prayer doesn’t quell your worry. And that may lessen your faith in prayer. But don’t lose faith in your prayers let alone give up on them. They don’t always take away the trial or make it easier. They do however serve the purpose of reinforcing the invisible protective material keeping your cocoon strong. Because metamorphosis is always the most vulnerable time in our lives. And where our heart and soul is more susceptible to damage. Don’t give up the fight. — #ConversationsWithMyself

The sunnas of shopping and dealing


By: Said Alpsoy



  • The most virtuous of the believers is the one who makes things easier in his shopping, paying his debt and demanding his debt. (Tabarani)
  • Be careful! Some portion of people pay their debt nicely and demand their debt nicely, they do not hurt people. On the other hand, some people pay their debt badly, they hurt people; they demand their debt badly. They will be treated in the same way in the hereafter. Be careful! Some people pay their debt badly and demand their debt badly. Be careful! The most virtuous of them are the ones who pay their debt nicely and demand their debt nicely. The evilest ones are those who pay their debt badly and demand their debt badly. (Tirmidhi)

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Forgive yourself for not knowing better, for it is always easier to see what you should of done after the event.

gb copy Forgive yourself for not knowing better, for it is always easier to see what you should of done after the event.
es copy Olvídese de no saber mejor, porque siempre es más fácil ver lo que deberíamos de hacer después del evento.
nl copy Vergeef jezelf voor het niet beter weten, want het is altijd makkelijker om te zien wat je moet er gebeuren na de gebeurtenis.
fr copy Pardonnez-vous de ne pas savoir mieux, car il est toujours plus facile de voir ce que vous devez de faire après l’événement.
de copy Verzeihen Sie sich für die nicht besser zu wissen, denn es ist immer einfacher zu sehen, was Sie nach der Veranstaltung erfolgen.
CN67867 Yuánliàng zìjǐ bù zhīdào gèng hǎo, yīnwèi tā zǒng shì gèng róngyì kàn dào de yīnggāi shì nǐ zài huódòng jiéshù hòu jìnxíng.
Sweden Förlåt dig själv för att inte veta bättre, för det är alltid lättare att se vad du ska av gjort efter händelsen.
rus7897 Prostite sebya za neznaniye luchshe , potomu chto eto vsegda legche uvidet’, chto vy dolzhny sdelannykh posle sobytiya.
4523turkey Bu olaydan sonra yapılması gerektiğini, ne olduğunu görmek için her zaman daha kolay olduğu için, daha iyi bilmek için kendinizi affedin.
images Perdonare te stesso per non sapere meglio, perché è sempre più facile vedere ciò che si dovrebbe di fatto dopo l’evento.
indonesiaID Memaafkan diri sendiri karena tidak tahu lebih baik, untuk itu selalu lebih mudah untuk melihat apa yang harus Anda dari dilakukan setelah acara tersebut.