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India’s government bears poverty burden (Video)

info-pictogram1 The United Nations says that one third of the world’s extreme poor – people who earn less than $1 a day – live in India. The government has been trying to halve the number of people living in abject poverty. But as Al Jazeera’s Nidhi Dutt reports, living above the poverty line does not always mean a better life.



By: Nazia Mirza

We read the stories of suffering, we see the images of death and destruction and our hearts just break, as they should.

However, we have to remember that Allah (‘Azza wa Jall) is in absolute full control of everything that is taking place.

He sees what the tyrants are doing and His punishment is swift and severe.

But the knowledge of the plan is His alone. Its execution will be according to His timetable, not ours.

Remember, Allah isn’t just testing the people of Gaza (and Syria, Burma, China, CAR and other lands), He is testing each and every one of us too.

What will our reaction be, both in terms of action and faith?
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Mufti Menk: Health & Free Time (Video)


info-pictogram1 The Prophet (peace be upon him said), “There are two blessings which many people waste: health and free time.” [Bukari]
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Asalaamu alaikum Quran Weekly.

MashAllah. Today we’d like to speak about something very important, something we all take for granted or a lot of us take for granted and this is why Rasool Allah salAllahu alayhi wasallam has warned about it as well. Many of us have good health, mashAllah. Thank Allah for it. And use it, use it to do what? Use it to do that which will achieve the pleasure of the Almighty. Your eyes, you can see by. There might come a day when you cannot see so read the proper books and read that which will be beneficial. Look at that which will help you. Don’t look at that which will earn the wrath of the Almighty. Don’t look at that which you are not supposed to be looking at because these are your eyes. The same applies to your hands. Today you can move them. Move them to achieve that which will earn the pleasure of the Almighty. Tomorrow you may not have that mobility. Today mashAlalh we can walk, today was can read salah. People are crying because they have not read salah until they get to an age when they cannot bend their backs anymore, they cannot go into ruku, they cannot do sujood. So, why is it that we sometimes become oblivious of the gift of health? Really, the gift of health is a gift that many of us take for granted. And this is why is it very important for us to look at the gift that Allah’s blessed us with, some people cannot eat. Some people cannot eat a lot of the food stuffs. So when we can eat it, let’s eat in moderation. Let’s remember Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala’s gift upon us. Say, the prayer before eating and perhaps after eating as well. Thank Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala for the food. And ask Him to help use the energy that is derived from that food in something good. And let’s make sure that we eat that which is permissible and which Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala will not be upset by.

What is extremely important is we also realize that our organs inside, they operate automatically, completely. They have no batteries, they have no human being sort of remote control in them, it’s the control of Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala. The heart pumps in a magical way. More than one hundred thousands heart beats in no time, subhanAllah. And whose battery is that? It is just the automatic plan of Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala. Look at the brain, how sophisticated it is. The ears, look at the mouth, look at the lips, look at the for example the tongue and how it tastes and the taste buds and look at how medicine and science is discovering new things every single day. And this is all the gift of Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala and we have it. And we do not thank Allah for it. And we do not use it in the right direction, subhanAllah. How can that be? When we are believers we know that definitely it is going to come to an end. We know definitely these eyes of mine will not see at a certain time because I have to die at one stage and I have to return to Allah Alhamdulillah. I have to go back to my Creator, my Maker. So let me use it in order to please Him and not to displease Him. And mashAllah tabarakAllah, many people are becoming more and more conscious of it. Whilst we have a voice, let us try to recite the Quran. Whilst we can, let us try inshAllah to do the best of things.

The other thing that a lot of people take for granted is the issue of time. We have free time. People use it to watch television, to sit and see this soaps mashAllah and you know the soaps they wash. What do they wash? Your brain. MashAllah. So that is why we say subhanAllah, the soap. I hope we can have a different name for something beneficial inshAllah. And we have programs of a beneficial nature. We have perhaps a weekend out, perhaps a little bit of sacrifice to go to the masjid to listen to some good lecture, to attend the lessons that the ulemah has. To be able to benefit, to sit in the halaqah and try perhaps to rectify the Quran, the understanding of the Quran, perhaps learn something that others have even if it is something that may not directly be connected to the religion. For example, a person has free time and they want to improve their handwriting. mashAllah you want to do a course in calligraphy, something that will benefit you somehow. And you can use that talent inshAllah not only to earn a little bit of money but even by the will of Allah to build your akhirah, to build your Paradise. May Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala grant that to us.

It is important for us not to waste our time because as the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam said, “The two gifts that Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala has bestowed upon us that many people take for granted. The first one is the health. And the second one is free time.” So when there is free time, use it. Use it, do not abuse it. SubhanAllah. People sometimes say, “Oh, I’ve got some free time. Let me go to bed. I can go and sleep.” Are you depressed? Well if you are maybe you might think sleeping will help you, it won’t. To be honest with you, we all need sleep and we all need a certain amount of it but sometimes we need to correct ourselves. We need to develop a link with our Maker. In order for us to be able to understand that we have a short space of time to pack in it as much goodness as we can before the time expires and our health expires. So these two things are definitely going to go because my health even if I die a healthy person but I’m dead. When I die what happens? My health is irrelevant, completely irrelevant. A few days ago I spoke about a very interesting point inshAllah, I may share it with you in one of the episodes to come. But, what I’d like to share with you right now is the fact that even time. Time, when it comes to us will definitely come to an end. May the Almighty bless us all and may He make us use our time whilst we have it in the best possible way.

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Respect others and you shall earn their respect.

gb copy Respect others and you shall earn their respect.
es copy Respeta a los demás y te ganarás su respeto.
nl copy Respecteer anderen en gij zult hun respect te verdienen.
fr copy Respectez les autres et vous gagner leur respect.
de copy Respekt für andere und ihr werdet ihren Respekt zu verdienen.
CN67867 Zūnzhòng tārén, nǐ huì yíngdé tāmen de zūnzhòng.
Sweden Respektera andra och du ska förtjäna deras respekt.
rus7897 Уважение к другим, и вы должны заработать их уважение.
4523turkey Başkalarına saygı ve onların saygısını kazanmak zorundadır.
images Rispettare gli altri e voi guadagnare il loro rispetto.
indonesiaID Menghormati orang lain dan Anda akan mendapatkan rasa hormat mereka.