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Bismillah – Clearing the Confusion



Basmalah (reciting Bismillah) which means “In the name of Allah”, has been an easy target for critics of Islam and has constantly been bombarded with illogical allegations. There stands a great need to clear out the very genuine queries which many non-muslim have regarding bismillah and also the need to answer all the allegations against it in order to stitch the mouth of all those illogical boasters who try and allege the authenticity of Islam.

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15 Things To Start Doing For Yourself

By: Joe Martino


Start Spending Time With The “Right” People – Spend time with people you enjoy -who bring you up instead of push you down. Sure there are always lessons we can learn from others but you don’t need to continue hanging around with and associating with people who you know bring in an offsetting vibe. Learn what you need to from them about yourself and move on. I have found that the longer I let things linger with people simply because I feel I’m supposed to never let them bother me, the worse a situation gets as I’m not taking care of myself. You can’t change others, so focus on you and spend time with those who resonate with you the most.

Start Loving & Being Nicer To Yourself – Think about how you speak to yourself sometimes – how does it sound? What do you say? Unless you are already great at self talk and have a solid connection to the love that you are, it’s likely you say some nasty things to yourself. Whether it be about your appearance, performance on something or your ability to do something you want to do, it’s easy for us to tear ourselves down. Now imagine someone else was saying all those things to you instead. Would it be nice of that person? Of course not. So why do we choose to not be nice to ourselves? Learning to love ourselves and cut out the nasty talk is so important. Be sure to be aware of what you are saying to yourself. >

Start Being Fully Honest With Yourself  – Being fully honest with yourself is so important as we can get caught up in convincing ourselves that various things don’t bother us or aren’t a challenge for us. We even be guilty to avoid admitting certain characteristics about the current version of ourselves. Honesty is needed in every aspect of our lives whether it’s with other people, ourselves, our work and so on. The more honest we are, the more we can grow from our experiences and keep things simple. You learn a lot about yourself when you are honest.

Start Facing Your Challenges Head On – We always want our problems or challenges to just go away. But most of the time it isn’t quite that simple. We need to take some sort of action steps. Choose to do something about the challenges you face as opposed to letting them linger and simply complaining about them. We have the choice and control, it’s time to embrace that power. If it helps, choose one problem or challenge you face right now, and write out some things you can do to get it moving forward.

Start Listening To Your Own Inner Voice – Whether you want to call it your inner voice, your heart, gut feelings, intuition, soul, higher self, higher perspective or any other name you give to the real YOU that is beyond your mind, listening to that voice a little more often makes a big difference in your life. It’s YOU! It’s there to guide you, show you your passions and what paths make the most sense for you at any given moment. The more you listen to it means the less you listen to the mind which can often over analyze or bring emotional patterns into your decisions. Listening to your inner voice is following your heart.

Start Living In The NOW – This was one of the most powerful things for me to implement in my life. I’m not saying I’m always in the now as certainly I get stuck thinking about the past or future in ways that cause suffering, but using this tool as much as possible is huge. Everything you have or are is all happening right now and you only have the now. Even in a future moment it is still the now. When you pay attention to what is happening now you give your whole self to what you are doing and that brings much peace and joy. The past or future can be used as a reference to make adjustments in the now, but avoid fretting or worrying about either. The dwelling will only cause suffering. There is much beauty happening now that you won’t want to miss.


Start Valuing What Your “Mistakes” Teach You – I don’t believe there are mistakes in life. Simply, we make choices and they play out experiences. Deep down we have an understanding of what is right and wrong and we live by that. When it comes to smaller choices where we make decisions and they end up in less favorable outcomes, there is a lot to learn from them. Taking risks sometimes results in a stumble or a fall, but this will teach you so much about yourself and the journey you make through each experience. We focus so much on the end goal and how it came to be defined rather than all we learned along the way. There are no mistakes. Value what you learn from every journey.

Start Being Yourself Completely – You are an awesome unique individual, no matter what anyone says. Embracing that is often so difficult because we have social pressures as well as ideas of ourselves (often based on social pressures) that get in the way of us being real. Deep down we all know who we are, what we love and how we want to be, it’s just a matter of getting used to being that when we have gotten used to putting something else “on” for so long. It can be scary for sure, we are putting ourselves out there and if people don’t accept us it can hurt. But the truth is, you will be amazed at how much people love you and are appreciative of what you resonate when you are truly being yourself. People can feel when others aren’t embracing their true selves and this is what usually creates interesting experiences.

Start Enjoying & Appreciating What You Already Have – Sometimes we get caught up in chasing things like money and other material possessions. While these things are not bad to experience or have, it’s important not to get stuck in the idea that “I will be happy once I get these things.” Too often we are waiting around for the “best” situation to play out for us, all the while missing out on the experiences that are right in front of us. Where we have food, shelter, friends, family and life. We also can get caught up in comparing ourselves to others and what they have. Before you go to bed, mid day or even when you wake up, remember all that you have and this will help to keep you out of the chase for more. After all, when you finally get the things you desire, won’t the mind just look for more if we let it?

Start Being Accountable & Creating Your Own Joy – When we look outside ourselves to create joy or peace in our lives we basically give up our own power in doing so. The truth is, you already have all it takes to feel great in your life and sometimes it’s about taking the action to make that the case. In our culture most of the time we assume that happiness will come from others and from things and when we get everything in line we will be OK -Let’s break this habit and start by finding the power inside each of us to begin creating joy now.

Start Helping People Around You – Regardless of what society may suggest is the case, we are all in this together and connected to one another. Caring about people and assisting them in their own journey, in whatever form that comes in, is a great way to connect with others and use your unique skills. On top of that you create a sharing relationship with those people so that exchanges can continue down the road. You aren’t doing it to get something in return, but rather to extend love outwards only to see it come back in whatever form it does.

Start Accepting Things Even If They Aren’t Perfect – Really, what is perfect? Sometimes we have a tough time accepting things when they aren’t perfect, but perfection is simply an idea your mind created. We can get caught up in things in our world not appearing exactly as we wish to see them, but much of it is us learning to be at peace with how things unfold. We can only take actions on things we have control over. This isn’t to say you need to settle for everything, but rather, don’t obsess over the small details and instead be at peace with where things are at in this moment.

Start Paying Attention to How You Feel About Things – Often times we might feel a particular way about something but we don’t take it seriously or voice it because we don’t understand it or don’t want to share it with others. How you feel deep down about something is important and we should certainly value that. Social pressures don’t outweigh how you feel inside about something so feel free to understand that feeling and own it versus burying it. Often we can hide these feelings inside only to later realize many others felt the same about something but didn’t say anything because they were all afraid as well. Your voice and heart can impact others. Don’t be afraid to speak.

Start Focusing On The Possibilities Of Things vs Them Not Working Out – Have you ever heard the idea that if you believe it, it will happen? Now of course this isn’t quite the full story, but believing in possibility has a big impact on not only your own effort and motivation around something but also how others will perceive it. If you want to do something in your life, believe you can do it and avoid thinking negatively about the outcome. “This would never happen to me.” Or “Good things never happen to me.” This type of self talk and lack of believing in self can quickly kill what you are trying to achieve in life. Focus on what you want to happen and how you want to go about it. Focusing on the “negative” won’t do much but make the whole situation feel “negative.”



By: Iesa Galloway


Here are four thoughts that normally go through my head when folks ask for individual American Muslims to condemn some foreign group of people claiming Islam while doing terrible things:

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Are You Doing Good Deeds with Great Rewards?

Beach Of Paradise Wide Desktop Background

By: Hiba Ali


When we think about our day-to-day actions, chances are they reside in separate compartments in our mind. This may not necessarily be the outcome of any conscious effort, but simply the result of how we habitually tend to perceive the act.
I help with chores to do my part around the house.
I eat because I am hungry.
I take a nap because I am bored.
I study because I need good grades.

But what if you could make all of those actions a source of reward insha’Allah?

How!? By our intention.

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Why people are selfish


By: Oyon Ajmain

After years of being nice to people and constantly doing stuff for people without wanting anything back, I’ve finally realised what the world is really like. My dad messaged me the other day and he said “Son you need to realise that the world is not a perfect and good place, you are too naive and nice for your own good. Learn to say no.” So I tried to understand what my dad was saying and finally I realised.

There are a very few people in this world that do something for you without expecting something in return, very few people who just do something for you while knowing that you can’t do anything back for them at all. Most of the people in this world at the moment are concerned with how they’re going to make it in life and how they’re going to benefit from whatever they do. The same way when a woman wants to marry a man she tends to see if the man is giving her what she wants in terms of finance, good looks or moral support. If a woman marries a husband for financial stability and then the stability dissapears, then the woman will also dissapear and that’s how life is. That is how most human beings think at the moment.

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WHAT DO ISRAEL DO WHEN THEY ARE NOT BOMBING GAZA? They do this… !! On Palestinian Land….So sad… ! Media will not show you this… These women are people’s mothers, sisters, daughters! These old men are our fathers!!!…. Imagine that woman was YOUR MOTHER………

The hero is he who is too afraid to run, in doing so, he faces his problems head on until he conquers them.

gb copy The hero is he who is too afraid to run, in doing so, he faces his problems head on until he conquers them.
es copy El héroe es el que tiene miedo de correr, al hacerlo, se enfrenta a sus problemas de frente hasta que los vence.
nl copy De held is hij, die is te bang om te draaien, in te doen, hij geconfronteerd met zijn problemen het hoofd op, totdat hij ze overwint.
fr copy Le héros est celui qui a trop peur de courir, ce faisant, il fait face à ses problèmes de front jusqu’à ce qu’il les conquiert.
de copy Der Held ist der, der zu viel Angst, zu laufen, dabei steht er seine Probleme den Kopf auf, bis er sie erobern.
CN67867 Yīngxióng shì shuí, tā tài pà pǎo, zài zhèyàng zuò shí, tā jiāng miàn duì de wèntí yíngmiàn ér lái, zhídào tā zhēngfú tāmen.
Sweden Hjälten är den som är för rädd för att köra, i att göra så, står han hans problem huvudet tills han erövrar dem.
rus7897 Geroy tot, kto slishkom napugany, chtoby bezhat’, pri etom, on stalkivayetsya yego problemy na golovu , poka on ne pobezhdayet ikh.
4523turkey Kahraman çalıştırmak için çok korkuyor o, bunu yaparken, o, onları fetheder kadar onun sorunları üzerine kafa karşı karşıyadır.
images L’eroe è colui che è troppo paura di correre, così facendo, egli affronta i suoi problemi a testa finché non li conquista.
indonesiaID Pahlawan adalah orang yang terlalu takut untuk berjalan, dalam melakukannya, dia menghadapi masalahnya kepala sampai ia mengalahkan mereka.

No more excuses, no more wasting of precious time, for now is as good a time as any, to begin doing what matters most.

gb copy No more excuses, no more wasting of precious time, for now is as good a time as any, to begin doing what matters most.
es copy No más excusas, no más pérdida de tiempo valioso, por ahora es un momento tan bueno como cualquier otro, para comenzar a hacer lo que más importa.
nl copy Geen excuses meer, geen verspilling van kostbare tijd, want nu is een goed moment als enige, om te beginnen met het doen van wat het belangrijkst.
fr copy Plus d’excuses, pas plus gaspillage de temps précieux, pour le moment est aussi bon que n’importe quel moment, pour commencer à faire ce qui importe le plus.
de copy Keine Ausreden mehr, nicht mehr verschwenden kostbare Zeit, denn jetzt ist so gut wie jeder eine Zeit, zu tun, was am wichtigsten ist, um zu beginnen.
CN67867 Méiyǒu gèng duō de jíkǒu, bǎoguì de shíjiān méiyǒu gèng duō de làngfèi, xiànzài shì yīgè hěn hǎo de shíjiān wéi yǐ rèn, kāishǐ zuò zuì zhòngyào de shìqíng.
Sweden Inga fler ursäkter, inte mer slöseri med värdefull tid, för nu är så god tid som någon, att börja göra det som betyder mest.
rus7897 Net bol’she opravdaniy , ne boleye trata dragotsennogo vremeni , dlya teper’ tak zhe khorosho , kak i lyuboye , chtoby nachat’ delat’ to, chto vazhneye vsego.
4523turkey Şimdilik fazla bahane yok, kıymetli zaman artık israf, en önemli şey yapıyor başlamak için, herhangi bir gibi bir zaman iyidir.
images Niente più scuse, niente più spreco di tempo prezioso, per ora è un momento buono come qualsiasi, per iniziare a fare ciò che più conta.
indonesiaID Tidak ada lagi alasan, wasting tidak lebih dari waktu yang berharga, untuk saat ini adalah sebagai baik waktu yang tepat saja, untuk mulai melakukan apa yang paling penting.

People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

gb copy People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.
es copy La gente que dice que no se puede hacer no debe interrumpir a los que lo están haciendo.
nl copy Mensen die zeggen dat het niet kan worden gedaan, moeten niet onderbreken degenen die het doen.
fr copy Les gens qui disent qu’il ne peut pas être fait ne doit pas interrompre ceux qui le font.
de copy Menschen, die es nicht getan werden kann sagen, sollte nicht unterbrechen Diejenigen, die es tun.
CN67867 Shuí de rén shuō bu néng zuò bù yìng gāi dǎ duàn nàxiē shuí zhèngzài zhèyàng zuò.
Sweden Folk som säger att det inte kan ske bör inte avbryta de som gör det.
rus7897 Lyudi, kotoryye govoryat , chto ne mozhet byt’ sdelano ne sleduyet preryvat’ Te, kto delayut eto.
4523turkey Bu yapılamaz demek insanlar bunu yapıyor olanlar kesmek gerekmez.
images Le persone che dicono che non si può fare non dovrebbe interrompere Coloro che lo stanno facendo.
indonesiaID Orang-orang yang mengatakan itu tidak dapat dilakukan tidak harus mengganggu Mereka yang melakukannya.