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Is Israel losing Latin America?



In 2009, Venezuela and Bolivia cut diplomatic ties with Israel, expressing disgust at the country’s actions during “Operation Cast Lead” – a three-week conflict that included an Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza Strip and caused heavy civilian casualties.

The following year, after Israel’s raid on the Mavi Marmara flotilla that killed 10 people, Nicaragua announced it would suspend ties with Israel.

Since the beginning of Israel’s current offensive on the Gaza Strip against Hamas, five Latin American countries – Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Chile and El Salvador – have withdrawn their ambassadors to Israel in protest. Meanwhile, Bolivia has dubbed Israel a “terrorist state” and rescinded its visa-free policy for Israeli travellers, and Chile has also suspended free-trade negotiations with Israel.

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The more you will hate, the more you start to resemble what disgusts you.

gb copy The more you will hate, the more you start to resemble what disgusts you.
es copy Cuanto más se odian, más que empezar a parecerse a lo que da asco.
nl copy Hoe meer je zal haten, hoe meer je begint te lijken op wat je doet walgen.
fr copy Le plus vous haïr, plus vous commencez à ressembler à ce que vous dégoûte.
de copy Je mehr Sie hassen, desto mehr ähneln, was ekelt Sie beginnen.
CN67867 Nǐ huì yuè hèn yuè duō, nǐ kāishǐ xiàng shénme yànwù nǐ.
Sweden Ju mer du kommer att hata, desto mer börjar likna det som äcklar dig.
rus7897 Chem bol’she vy budete nenavidet’ , tem bol’she vy nachinayete napominayut to, chto protivno vas.
4523turkey Daha sen, nefret edecek daha sizi rahatsız eden benzemeye başlar.
images Quanto più si odiano, più si inizia a somigliare a quello che disgusta.
indonesiaID Semakin Anda akan membenci, semakin Anda mulai menyerupai apa jijik Anda.