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Documentary: Japan – Aftermath of a disaster (Video)

Source: Al Jazeera

info-pictogram1 Japan had been waiting decades for “the big one” to hit, an earthquake powerful enough to devastate the country.

Emergency services and the public were drilled in how to respond when the earth moved; thousands of kilometers of sea walls were built to protect the coast from tsunamis, the deadly after-effects of quakes out at sea.

But when the earthquake came on March 11, few would have predicted the devastation it caused.

The magnitude 9.0 quake, unleashed a tsunami so powerful, it tore through Japan’s defenses as though they were not there. The surge turned towns and cities into matchwood, killed thousands of people and caused a still-to-be resolved nuclear crisis.

Among the communities hit was the small port city of Miyako. In the days after the disaster its surviving citizens somehow had to carry on with their lives. This is their story.
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Malaysia Airlines: can it survive? (Video)

info-pictogram1 The carrier announces financial losses and job cuts as it strives to recover from two passenger jet disasters.

India landslide death toll rises

At least 30 people killed and more than 150 feared trapped after landslide buried houses in Maharashtra state.



Heavy rain has hampered rescue efforts to dig through a remote village in western India where at least 30 people died as a landslide swept away scores of houses, possibly trapping many more people under debris, officials said.

They had already worked through the night using floodlights mounted on jeeps and earthmoving vehicles to pull eight injured people out of the mud and twisted wreckage, Vitthal Banot, a disaster management official, said on Thursday.

They were taken to a nearby government-run hospital, but their injuries were not life threatening.

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No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.

gb copy No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.
es copy No importa qué tipo de dificultades, cómo la experiencia dolorosa es, si perdemos nuestra esperanza, ese es nuestro verdadero desastre.
nl copy Het maakt niet uit wat voor soort moeilijkheden, hoe pijnlijk ervaring is, als we verliezen onze hoop, dat is onze echte ramp.
fr copy Peu importe quel genre de difficultés, comment l’expérience douloureuse est, si nous perdons notre espoir, c’est notre véritable catastrophe.
de copy Egal, welche Art von Schwierigkeiten, wie schmerzhafte Erfahrung ist, wenn wir verlieren unsere Hoffnung, das ist unsere echte Katastrophe.
CN67867 Bùguǎn shénme yàng de kùnnán, duōme tòngkǔ de jīngyàn shì, rúguǒ wǒmen shīqùle wǒmen de xīwàng, zhè jiùshì wǒmen zhēnzhèng de zāinàn.
Sweden Oavsett vilken typ av svårigheter, hur smärtsam upplevelse är, om vi förlorar vårt hopp, det är vår verkliga katastrofen.
rus7897 Nezavisimo ot togo, kakogo roda trudnosti, kak boleznennyy opyt yest’, yesli my teryayem nadezhdu , chto ne budet nash nastoyashchaya katastrofa.
4523turkey Umudumuzu kaybetmek olursa olsun zorlukların ne tür, acı bir deneyim, nasıl ki bizim gerçek bir felaket.
images Non importa che tipo di difficoltà, come l’esperienza dolorosa è, se perdiamo la nostra speranza, che è il nostro vero e proprio disastro.
indonesiaID Tidak peduli apa jenis kesulitan, bagaimana pengalaman menyakitkan adalah, jika kita kehilangan harapan kita, itulah bencana nyata kita.




You were distraught by a disaster and thus have a secondary disaster there.

gb copy You were distraught by a disaster and thus have a secondary disaster there.
es copy Usted estaba consternada por un desastre y por lo tanto tener un desastre secundario allí.
nl copy Je werd radeloos door een ramp en hierdoor heb je een tweede ramp erbij.
fr copy Vous étiez Affolé par une catastrophe et ont donc une catastrophe secondaire là-bas.
de copy Sie wurden von einer Katastrophe verstört und haben somit eine Sekundär Katastrophe da.