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How To Make Money – Ibn Khaldun and Taxes



The 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan famously stated in a piece in the New York Times in 1993,

“May I offer you the advice of the 14th century Arab historian Ibn Khaldun, who said: “At the beginning of the empire, the tax rates were low and the revenues were high. At the end of the empire, the tax rates were high and the revenues were low.”

And, no, I did not personally know Ibn Khaldun, although we may have had some friends in common!”1

Although one may agree or disagree with the conservative economic policies of Ronald Reagan, there is no denying the genius of the man he is quoting – Ibn Khaldun. He was centuries ahead of his time. His monumental work, the Muqaddimah, published in 1377, is hard to categorize. All at once it is a resource on history, Islam, science, sociology, economics, politics, warfare, and philosophy. One article on the entire book would be a disservice to Ibn Khaldun and the great amount of knowledge he left for subsequent generations. Instead, this article will focus only on some of his economic ideas, which centuries later form some of the basic ideas we use in government taxation today.

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86.5% of Israelis Disagree with Ceasefire, Poll Finds


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By: Mohammed Zeyara

“86.5% of Israelis oppose the ceasefire in the Gaza strip according to a poll sponsored by Roni Rimon, a former strategist of prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s party.” -Damien Sharkov from Newsweek.

I hope people realize how big of a deal this is. When almost 90% of Israeli’s say do not ceasefire, what does that mean? It means they are not being hurt. So the resistance in Gaza claiming that they do not target civilians is true. It also means that they are supporting the massacres in Gaza and want to watch more Palestinians murdered. We’ve obviously seen that from multiple events they’ve done. Such as sitting on hilltops and chanting every time a bomb falls on Gaza. Or singing in protests “death to Arabs.” Or their ministers saying kill all Palestinian women. Or beating up Palestinian women in the street of Palestine. And much much more.

And Israel’s silly excuses are “self defence” and elimination of Hamas. If you are a believer of these excuses, please put down your ego, open your mind, and reflect on the current situation. Israel has been massacring Palestinians far before Hamas was formed or labeled as a terrorist group. Just yesterday Israel bombed a UN school which was a refuge for families seeking safety killing 10 people. Eye witnesses (even people who do not support Hamas in Gaza) say not a single “Hamas rocket” was fired from anywhere near. What about this UN car (attached), was a “Hamas” soldier running behind it and launching rockets to Israel, forcing Israel to target both? Or was a Hamas soldier “hiding” under the car for protection?


Everybody you disagree with is not your enemy and everybody that smiles at you is not your friend.

gb copy Everybody you disagree with is not your enemy and everybody that smiles at you is not your friend.
es copy Todo el mundo está de acuerdo con que no es tu enemigo y todo el mundo que te sonríe, no es tu amigo.
nl copy Iedereen u het niet eens met is niet je vijand en iedereen die naar je glimlacht is niet je vriend.
fr copy Tout le monde vous êtes en désaccord avec n’est pas votre ennemi et tout le monde qui vous sourit n’est pas votre ami.
de copy Jeder mit einverstanden ist nicht dein Feind, und alle, die an Sie lächelt ist nicht dein Freund.
CN67867 Měi gèrén nǐ bù tóngyì shì bùshì nǐ de dírén, měi gèrén dōu gāi xiàng nǐ wéixiào bùshì nǐ de péngyǒu.
Sweden Alla du inte håller med är inte din fiende och alla som ler mot dig är inte din vän.
rus7897 Vse vy ne soglasny s ne yavlyayetsya vashim vragom , i vse , chto ulybayetsya vam ne drug .
4523turkey Eğer katılmıyorum herkes sana gülümsüyor düşman ve herkes senin arkadaşın değil değildir.
images Tutti siete d’accordo con non è il tuo nemico e tutti quelli che ti sorride non è tuo amico.
indonesiaID Semua orang Anda tidak setuju dengan bukan musuh Anda dan semua orang yang tersenyum pada Anda bukan teman Anda.