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Black History Did NOT Start With Slavery



By: Dawuud Loka

When it comes to the history of the black peoples, the discussion often centres around slavery and then the subsequent artificial narrative of emancipation. However, what we fail to do is to ask the question: what was their history before slavery?

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Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did not celebrate his birthday he only recognized it


By: Abiuel Hoque

Its very clear that our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did not celebrate his birthday he only recognized it. It is completely OK to be happy. Yes, you are one year older, but when that happiness goes a little over board, and people expect to be given presents, plus others wanna throw parties, its not right.

A true believer will always express his happiness and joy by thanking Allah. So there’s no harm in recognizing the day as your birthday, but don’t let others wish you or give you presents just because its your birthday. Birthdays are not special occasions, and doing anything to make them special is not part of our religion.

Interview: How did Mike Tyson become a Muslim (Video)

Unlimited is your potential if you connect to the spark of God within, you can create beauty, just as God did.

gb copy Unlimited is your potential if you connect to the spark of God within, you can create beauty, just as God did.
es copy Ilimitado es su potencial si se conecta a la chispa de Dios dentro, puede crear belleza, tal como lo hizo Dios.
nl copy Ongelimiteerd is uw potentiële wanneer u verbinding maakt met de vonk van God in, je kunt schoonheid te creëren, net zoals God deed.
fr copy Illimité est votre potentiel si vous vous connectez à l’étincelle de Dieu en vous, vous pouvez créer de la beauté, comme Dieu s’est reposé.
de copy Unbegrenzt ist Ihr Potenzial, wenn Sie den Funken Gottes in, können Sie verbinden Schönheit zu schaffen, so wie Gott getan hat.
CN67867 Wúxiàn shì nǐ de qiánlì, rúguǒ nín liánjiē dào shén zhī nèi, nǐ kěyǐ chuàngzào měilì de huǒhuā, jiù xiàng shén yīyàng.
Sweden Obegränsad är din potential om du ansluter till gnista av Gud inom, du kan skapa skönhet, precis som Gud gjorde.
rus7897 Неограниченное ваш потенциал, если вы подключаетесь к искры Бога в, вы можете создать красоту, как и Бог.
4523turkey Eğer güzellik oluşturabilir, içinde Tanrı’nın kıvılcımı bağlanmanız durumunda sınırsız Tanrı olduğu gibi, potansiyel olduğunu.
images Illimitato è il vostro potenziale se si collega alla scintilla di Dio dentro, è possibile creare bellezza, proprio come fece Dio.
indonesiaID Tak terbatas potensi Anda jika Anda terhubung ke percikan Tuhan di dalam, Anda bisa membuat kecantikan, sama seperti Tuhan lakukan.

Did you know one of the first black pilots in history was a Muslim?


info-pictogram1 Did you know that one of the first black Air Force pilots in history was a Muslim? Ahmet Ali Çelikten was an Ottoman pilot in WWI of African descent who rose to the rank of captain during the war.

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