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Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury: How Surah Ad-Dhuha can change your life (Video)


info-pictogram1 Ever feel disconnected with Allah, feel down, feel depressed or think maybe Allah doesn’t love you anymore… feel like your duas are not being answered?? Watch this, Sheikh Tawfique gives a beautiful Tafsir of Surah Ad-Duha and shows how Allah loves us all and wants the best for us. The greatest way to feel good in your heart about Allah is to read Surah ad-Dhuha and understanding its meaning. A must watch lecture for anyone looking for an Imaan boost and appreciate the blessings of Allah in giving us all we have. This is taken from the full lecture : Such was our Prophet (Peace be upon him)
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Listen to this if you are depressed, hopeless (Video)


info-pictogram1 This is a religion of hope. We live on hope. “There’s no room for hopelessness. This world was never meant to be a paradise. All of the hardships that you suffer in your life, if you believe in God, you will find those rewards on the Day of Judgement.

Where to Find Inspiration


You might have already gone through the phase where you feel depressed, empty or lonely and it starts to become a problem because you don’t know how to or where to get rid of these feelings. Some people may be going through this phase now and don’t know how to find any inspiration or motivation to do anything. Sometimes it becomes so hectic and frustrating that you keep all these feelings bottled up (PLEASE DON’T DO THAT) inside yourself and your heart starts throbbing. You don’t know who to talk to because it feels like all the advice you are getting you may have already heard or it is not relatable.

Today, in the digital age you meet people on social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook and other online forums) where you start to feel like you are being understood. Lately, I have been getting a lot of friends on Twitter suggesting these accounts I should follow because these people are so inspirational (which they are) and because they say things in such a simple manner that help them get through the day. So, the time came when I sat down with a hot cup of tea and I went through these accounts to find out what makes these people so inspirational and different from other accounts. I was enjoying what I was reading because I learnt a lot but one thing I didn’t find as much as I was hoping for – inspiration.

Now, you might think ‘why do you not find this account inspirational?’ It ticks all the boxes. They are quotes from the Quran, Hadith, originality and constant reminders of Islam. I won’t lie, these accounts are amazing and may Allah bless these individuals with everything they deserve. The reason why I didn’t find these people inspirational is because when I read text, there is a difference between a text coming from the heart and text just being written. For example, when I read a verse from the Quran it either makes me cry, think or open my mind or all of them at once. Whilst going through these accounts nothing touched my heart or made me say ‘oh wow! Yes!’ or even make me nod my head in 100% agreement.

However, there are some accounts that I love so much because through their thoughts, I can feel that there is a person behind a computer screen who is typing all these heart-warming reminders and texts. I admire these accounts that I always go on their account because I know I will either learn something, remember something or find a source for inspiration. I feel that there will always be something that will trace my steps back to the Quran and Hadith. But, have you ever asked yourself where these people get their inspiration from? Where are these people getting all this knowledge from? When someone posts an Islamic reminder or a quote from the Quran, we read it and smile but do we ever go and read the Quran or Hadith and learn ourselves what Allah has written. What made this person tweet or post this? Haveyou ever gone through the extra effort to go and research on the information these people have posted? Ask yourselves, are these people inspirational or is the information they are posting inspirational? Because at the end of the day all these quotes are from the Quran and Hadith.

Don’t limit yourself to online social networking websites. Go and be the person where people come to you for inspiration and you can direct them to the source of your inspiration so that they can pass this knowledge on to others. Do this so that people go to the Quran and Hadith and solidify their knowledge. Do this so that these tweets and posts are more than just words but are the worlds of Allah (I am talking about when people post Quranic text and Hadith). My point here is that question yourself and go ask these people where they get this knowledge from. Don’t be the robot who accepts the answer and moves on! Be a human and build your own personality! Most importantly, be a Muslim.

May Allah guide us all on to the correct path and forgive us all for any mistakes we make. Insha’Allah I pray that He gives you the things that you deserve and not desire because, after all, He knows what is best for us.

By: Afza Tabassum Qureshi


Daily Reminder: Are You Sad & Depressed? Watch This! (Video)

info-pictogram1 Keep on reflecting upon the Quran, brothers and sisters. I hope this example were a good example that would affect your lives in some way. And if you do feel a little bit distressed, a bit in grief, rely on Allah, refer to Allah, complain to Allah alone. Because He is the only one who can change the situation. No.2, sincerely advice others. No. 3, remind others sincerely of the life giving mercy of your Lord, Allah Subhanallah Taala.
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How to Make Your Life Interesting


Everyone should accept the fact that we can’t be happy all the time. Being sad once in a blue moon is also okay. In our normal routine we go with the flow of life. Some of us go to school/ college/ university, some of us go to work and some of us remain at home and do home chores. Mainly most of us are not concerned about our internal feelings because they don’t bother us all the time. But after days/ months/ years of normal phase, one gets stuck in an impasse out of nowhere. That’s the time when the person really becomes depressed.

Following are some of the significant features of this phase:

  • The person wants to cry out loud without any particular reason but can’t due to the reasons not known to him/her.
  • Small matters such as school work, messy cupboard, uncooked food, boring conversations etc makes life miserable.
  • The person finds oneself involved in small fights with siblings, parents and sometimes with friends.
  • The person prefers to stay alone in solitude and do nothing.
  • All the negative thoughts bombard mind and even whole life seems worthless.
  • All the negative, torturous and painful events of the life start to pop up like pop corns on the mind.
  • The person take refuge by listening to sad, gloomy and depressing songswhich further aggravates the situation.
  • The worst part of the gloomy phase is the person knows that his/ her attitude and expression are going parallel with the internal state of the body and people around may get offended yet the person becomes too hopeless to change it and prefers to go with the flow.
  • Deep inside the person start feeling the need of psychological intervention but becomes too loser to get one.

Since childhood we are being told by our elders that there are always two paths and ways of solving a problem or dilemma, one being the right path or way and the other one being the wrong path or way. When we get stuck in an impasse we also choose one of these paths. The one who go for the wrong path get themselves trapped in yet another impasse, this one being more excruciating than the last one. On contrary, the one who opt for the right path breaks the walls of the impasse and resume back to their normal life. At that time they feel light, soft and tension free like a fur.

Following are some of the ways which can help a person recommence their normal life:

  • In our sad mode, some of us become courteous and when we are courteous we become close to Allah. Offering innumerable prayers, sitting on janamaz or even talking to Allah is all the treatment you need to get normal.
  • One of the blessings of Allah is the ability to write and the ability to jot down your feelings. Keeping a secret diary and writing everything senseless that comes to mind is like scooping out all the bad stuff from mind. One feels regretful for not doing this at the first place.
  • Keeping a friend who listens to our pointless matters with keen interest is like keeping a loyal, trustworthy and selfless dog. When we spit out everything that comes to mind in front of that one person, while in the midst crying, shouting, babbling and mumbling we feel so relaxed that we end up crying with laughter.
  • In this advanced age, our dealing with our internal states should also be advanced and up-to-date. Uploading a beautiful display picture and cover photo, posting a creative status about your state and then getting innumerable likes and comments takes everyone to cloud nine.
  • Similarly tweet-till-you-drop-strategy is not only latest but also the reliable one. Making a fake account and then tweeting is like talking to the walls, nobody cares, nobody notices and nobody bothers, and if even one does, then no worries nobody knows you personally there.
  • In the worst days getting shower, wearing the best dress one has, straightening hair (if you are a girl) and looking beautiful helps a lot in cheering oneself up.
  • Counting your blessings is like counting stars because they are so many. In the gloomy state when we try to count our blessings, all the negative thoughts and feelings start to fade away and we become the most blessed person on the planet earth.

We have the remote controls of our lives.  We can make our lives worth living by switching to something good and productive or we can stay as same we are by switching to something monotonous and boring. So many people have already opted for the post of blaming, cursing, fighting, backbiting and charging and all of them are performing their duties quite well.

Think creative, be creative and start doing something creative with your lives to make yourself and those around you happy and contended.