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Demand for female imams in China rising


By: Liang Chen

The number of female imams, known locally as ahong, acting as spiritual leaders and teachers for Muslim women, is rising in China, especially in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. They have broken through taboos and barriers and won wide recognition among female believers. After learning doctrines and taking certification exam, more than 80 female imams in Ningxia have been licensed by the government. They lead Muslim women in prayer at mosques, teach them about the Koran and Islamic culture and offer religious services. They also mediate domestic disputes and enhance women’s awareness of their rights. Female imams are playing an increasingly essential role in improving gender equality, the quality of local women’s religious life and social harmony.

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Those who demand the most from others, often give the least in return.

gb copy Those who demand the most from others, often give the least in return.
es copy Los que exigen el máximo de otros, a menudo dan la menor a cambio.
nl copy Degenen die de meeste eisen van anderen, geven vaak het minst voor terug.
fr copy Ceux qui demandent le plus des autres, donnent souvent les moins en retour.
de copy Diejenigen, die am meisten von den anderen verlangen, geben oft die geringste Gegenleistung.
CN67867 Nàxiē shuí de xūqiú zuìwéi biérén, jīngcháng gěi zuìshǎo de huíbào.
Sweden De som kräver mest av andra, ofta ger det minsta i gengäld.
rus7897 Te , kto trebuyet maksimal’noy otdachi ot drugikh, chasto dayutmere vzamen.
4523turkey Diğerlerinden en talep edenler, çoğu karşılığında az vermek.
images Coloro che richiedono il massimo dagli altri, spesso danno il minimo in cambio.
indonesiaID Mereka yang menuntut yang terbaik dari orang lain, sering memberikan sedikit imbalan.


info-pictogram1 In an energetic and inspiring address, Ahmad Sakr raises many questions relevant to all Muslims who are facing the decaying social, moral and spiritual conditions in America and around the world. He urges the audience to consider the real issues contributing to the breakdown of the Muslim family such as the television and internet, lack of planning, confused priorities, impure intentions and lack of proper knowledge. Other topics discussed: sending children off to college, getting married young, being grateful for the favors of our mothers, what to teach our children, sadaqah jariyyah (a recurring charity), the sunnah of smiling, writing articles about Islam, the need to take action, listening to music, earning money the haram way, role models for our children, Islam at the Vatican, and salat al-Hajah.
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