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Prayer: the soul’s delight



By: A. A. Mawdudi

The frequency and timings of the Prayers never let the object and mission of life be lost sight of in the maze of worldly activities.

Ibadah (act of worship) is an Arabic word derived from `abd (a slave) and it means submission. It portrays that God is your master and you are His slave and whatever a slave does in obedience to and for the pleasure of his master is worship.

The Islamic concept of worship is very wide. If you free your speech from filth, falsehood, malice, and abuse and speak the truth and talk goodly things and do all these only because God has so ordained to do, they constitute `ibadah, however secular they may look in semblance.

If you obey the law of God in letter and spirit in your commercial and economic affairs and abide by it in your dealings with your parents, relatives, friends, and all those who come in contact with you, then all these activities of yours are worship. If you help the poor and the destitute, give food to the hungry, and serve the ailing and the afflicted persons, and do all this not for any personal gain of yours but only to seek the pleasure of God, they are nothing short of worship. Even your economic activities, the activities you undertake to earn your living and to feed your dependants, are worship if you remain honest and truthful in them and observe the law of God.

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Be grateful, be humble, for God will fill your heart with delight, as long as you do not stray from the light.

gb copy Be grateful, be humble, for God will fill your heart with delight, as long as you do not stray from the light.
es copy Sé agradecido, ser humilde, porque Dios va a llenar su corazón de alegría, siempre y cuando no se apartan de la luz.
nl copy Wees dankbaar, nederig zijn, want God zal je hart vullen met vreugde, zolang je niet afdwalen van het licht.
fr copy Soyez reconnaissants, être humble, car Dieu remplira votre cœur avec plaisir, tant que vous ne vous éloignez pas de la lumière.
de copy Seien Sie dankbar, demütig sein, denn Gott wird dein Herz mit Freude füllen, solange Sie nicht von der Licht verirren.
CN67867 Gǎn’ēn, qiānbēi, yīn wéi shàngdì jiāng tiánbǔ nǐ de xīnzàng gāoxìng, zhǐyào nǐ bù cóng guāng liúlàng.
Sweden Var tacksam, att vara ödmjuk, för Gud kommer att fylla ditt hjärta med glädje, så länge du inte avviker från ljuset.
rus7897 Bud’te blagodarny , byt’ skromnym , potomu chto Bog napolnit vashe serdtse ot vostorga, do tekh por, poka vy ne otklonyat’sya ot sveta.
4523turkey Minnettar olmak, sürece ışık sokak yok gibi, Tanrı sevinçle kalp dolduracak için, mütevazı olmak.
images Siate grati, essere umili, perché Dio riempirà il vostro cuore di gioia, purché non allontanarsi dalla luce.
indonesiaID Bersyukurlah, menjadi rendah hati, karena Allah akan mengisi hati Anda dengan menyenangkan, asalkan Anda tidak menyimpang dari cahaya.