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Deen Check: The Importance Of Education (Video)

Deen Check: Marriage, Boyfriend, Girlfriend And Wasting People’s Time (Video)

info-pictogram1 Today on deen check we spoke about the fitnah many young people are going through when it comes to marriage.
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Deen Check: I Am A Muslim How Do I Leave The Streets (Video)

info-pictogram1 Many young muslims are finding it hard leaving a life of crime behind today on Deen Check we speak about the fitnah of the street life and also ways one can leave the streets.

Deen Check: I Wanna Become A Muslim Where Do I Start (Video)

All praise to Allah, so many people contact us in regards to what they have to do to become a Muslim. Today on Deen Check we give you an explanation of what you have todo to accept Islam.

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Deen Check: Suicide, Depression And Stress (Video)

info-pictogram1 Suicide,Depression and Stress is a big problem among many young people. Today on Deen Check we discuss this issue and give some small advice on ways to tackle this problem. Please share this video with others as you never know who is going through this and it could be a means to save someone life.