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The Barometer of Islamic Society



By: Abdul-Baseer

In many countries, a yearly address is given to highlight the current status of society such as the State of the Union address delivered annually by the President of the USA.  These addresses tend to focus on economics as economics is the largest factor in voting and politics, as though money is not a measure of happiness in life, it correlates with political satisfaction.  Yet, as Muslims striving in the cause of Allah Allah Subhanahu-wa-Taala , we should have our own criterion to determine if our society is in a positive state or in a .  We should not depend on rulers or mass media which are not always honest or may be under coercive measures and far from independent, to avoid bias or false perceptions.

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Documentary: World War One Through Arab Eyes – Episode 2: The Ottomans (Video)

Episode 1 | Episode 3

info-pictogram1 One hundred years after the Ottomans joined the war, this three-part series tells the story from an Arab perspective. Episode two tells the story of the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the fall Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the rise of the young Turk government in his place – and the history of the Ottoman-Germany relationship which led to the Treaty of Alliance between them in August 1914.
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The Trews – Kim Kardashian’s Bum: What Should We Think? (Video)

info-pictogram1 Kim Kardashian has bared her bottom again, this time for the cover of Paper magazine, but is she just another symptom of postmodernist confusion and cultural decline or is there a deeper psychological explanation for her fame?

Jennifer Lopez Illuminati Lesbian Twerkfest with Iggy Azalea in “Booty” Secrets Revealed

info-pictogram1 Jennifer Lopez, J.Lo and rapper Iggy Azalea play lesbian Illuminati Strippers in their new music video “Booty” another Sign of the Decline of Mankind. Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives.

Rihanna: an unprecedented move for a pop star and a sign of the decline of civilization (Video)

info-pictogram1 Singer Rihanna is now producing porn, in an unprecedented move for a pop star and a sign of the decline of civilization.

Obedience of parents is a duty but not when they are clearly wrong. In such a case we must respectfully decline and lovingly correct them.

gb copy Obedience of parents is a duty but not when they are clearly wrong. In such a case we must respectfully decline and lovingly correct them.
es copy La obediencia de los padres es un deber, pero no cuando son claramente erróneas. En tal caso, debemos rechazar con respeto y amor que los corrija.
nl copy Gehoorzaamheid van de ouders is een plicht, maar niet wanneer ze zijn duidelijk verkeerd. In dat geval moeten we respectvol weigeren en hen liefdevol corrigeren.
fr copy L’obéissance des parents est un devoir, mais pas quand ils sont manifestement erronée. Dans un tel cas, nous devons respectueusement décliner et amoureusement les corriger.
de copy Gehorsam der Eltern ist eine Pflicht, aber nicht, wenn sie eindeutig falsch. In einem solchen Fall müssen wir respektvoll und liebevoll sinken korrigieren.
CN67867 Fùmǔ de fúcóng shì yīzhǒng zérèn, ér bùshì dāng tāmen xiǎnrán shì cuòwù de. Zài zhè zhǒng qíngkuàng xià, wǒmen bìxū xiàng xiàhuá, qīnqiè gēngzhèng.
Sweden Lydnad av föräldrarna är en plikt, men inte när de är helt klart fel. I så fall måste vi respektfullt avböja och kärleksfullt rätta till dem.
rus7897 Poslushaniye roditeley yavlyayetsya obyazannost’yu , no ne togda, kogda oni yavno ne tak . V takom sluchaye my dolzhny s uvazheniyem snizhat’sya i s lyubov’yu ispravlyat’ ikh.
4523turkey Onlar açıkça yanlış olduğunda velilerin itaat görevidir değil. Böyle bir durumda biz saygıyla düşüş ve sevgiyle onları düzeltmek gerekir.
images L’obbedienza dei genitori è un dovere, ma non quando sono chiaramente sbagliato. In tal caso dobbiamo rifiutare rispettosamente e amorevolmente correggerli.
indonesiaID Ketaatan dari orang tua adalah tugas tetapi tidak ketika mereka jelas salah. Dalam kasus seperti itu kita harus hormat menurun dan penuh kasih memperbaikinya.