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The media and politicians have failed us in the fight against Islamophobia


By: Leticia Anderson

Many incidents of violence and harassment directed at Australian Muslims have been reported recently. These are visible confirmation of fears expressed by their community, that support for the government’s new security laws and military action in Iraq would be rallied with “racist caricatures of Muslims as backwards, prone to violence and inherently problematic”.

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Mr. Talal Al’ijlah


Mr.Talal Al’ijlah! He was our gym teacher in Solayman Soltan School in Gaza.

Sitting down like a boss beside his bombed house as if nothing happened. So much pain mixed with strength in this picture. May Allah help them rebuild all these damages!

What to Do When You Feel Lonely


Last month I met a guy who was sitting on a park bench with an empty look on his face. I sat beside him and started chatting with him.  In the middle of the conversation he suddenly asked me “Brother, is there anything I can do to cure my loneliness” At that moment I was unable to answer him, but his question made me consider that most of us have this struggle in our daily lives and we are also looking out for some ideas to beat up that feeling.

Everybody has to accept this ugly truth that loneliness is an unavoidable part of human emotions, but it’s up to us to make up our mind how much room we give that emotion to dominate our lives. We can let it play a bossy role in our life or we can take a stand against it.

Effects of loneliness

In fact loneliness is a state of mind; as a result it can dramatically bring about many psychological and physical damages.

  1. Loneliness can cause us to forget the meaning and purpose of life by making us feel empty from the inside.
  2. It can also fill us with harmful habits, such as smoking, alcoholism, eating junk food, spending more time watching TV, staying up all night online etc.
  3. Sometimes loneliness instigates a mental state called “Social Anxiety Disorder”, commonly known as “Social Phobia”. It’s an intense fear of possibly being humiliated or embarrassed in social situations.
  4. Long-term exposure to loneliness can also lead to difficulties in attention, learning and memory. As this emotion develops our life will undergo lots of negative changes.
  5. Loneliness can spoil both quality and quantity of your sleep; those who are lonely tend to wake up more during the night and spend less amount of time in bed actually sleeping.

When we recognize what loneliness does to our brain, body and behavior, we can more easily give it less control over our lives.

What are some productive things to do when you feel lonely?

Keep a hobby: Everybody should have a hobby. Having a hobby helps us enhance our well-being and it can also give us an interesting personality by helping us to connect with like-minded people and stay social.

Talking to someone: Sometimes talking to someone you trust and love is the most efficient way feel less lonely. It can also help you work out why you experience loneliness. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to, you can always talk to friends and family via your mobile phone.

ReadingIt’s apparent that reading can serve more than one useful purpose at the same time. It’s one of the best productive way to spend your time. As Dr. Robert P. Friedland said. ” In the same way that physical actions strengthens the heart, muscles and bones; intellectual activities fortify the mind against disease.

If you are online and feel lonely, you can try some of these resources:

Learn something new from YouTubeYouTube has been an incredible asset for researching and simply understanding random things.

Other video websites you can visit:

Register with Quora or Yahoo answers:  These two are the best resources in the internet where you can Share your knowledge and information with others while expanding your own.

Some other “Q and A” sites you can visit:

Start blogging: There are many free platforms where you can create your own blog and start to demonstrate your writing skills to the entire world. It is also a brilliant way to generate an income from your blog.

Here are some well-known blogging platforms:

These are some practical methods to cut down your loneliness. There may be many other fascinating ideas you can implement. Please share them with us.

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