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Qaroon and Musa PBUH – Wealth and Corruption

Kaan Ya Makaan, Fee Qadeem Al-Zamaan…
There was a Place, in Times of Old…


Called Egypt where lived an Israelite man, named Qaroon, who was the proud owner of a fortune so vast and plentiful that he had to dedicate special rooms in his palace to housing said wealth. Qaroon had rooms that contained nothing but cases full of gold, other rooms housed trunks brimming with silver, and in yet more rooms were bags stuffed full of gems and precious stones. All these treasure rooms he kept locked tight with a myriad of keys that, when placed together, defied even the strongest of men to carry away.

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Why Todd Wasserman Won’t Be Buying an Apple Watch



By: Todd Wasserman

The Apple Watch won’t hit the market until early 2015, but I’ve already decided I don’t want one. It looks like an elegant, useful and fashionable device. I could see why some others might be counting the days until it hits the Apple Stores, but it’s not for me.

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Start counting your sins and you’ll stay humble.

gb copy Start counting your sins and you’ll stay humble.
es copy Comience contando tus pecados y te quedarás humilde.
nl copy Begin uw zonden tellen en je zult nederig blijven.
fr copy Commencez à compter vos péchés et vous allez rester humble.
de copy Starten Sie Ihre Sünden zu zählen, und Sie werden bescheiden bleiben.
CN67867 Kāishǐ jìsuàn nǐ de zuì, nǐ huì bǎochí qiānxū.
Sweden Börja räkna dina synder och du kommer att stanna ödmjuk.
rus7897 Nachnite schitaya svoi grekhi , i vy budete ostavat’sya skromnym.
4523turkey Günahlarını saymaya başlar ve mütevazı kalacağım.
images Inizia a contare i vostri peccati e vi soggiorno umile.
indonesiaID Mulai menghitung dosa-dosa Anda dan Anda akan tetap rendah hati.