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Role of Islam in the management of Psychiatric disorders



By: Walaa M. Sabry and Adarsh Vohra

With the significant growth of the Muslim population all over the world, there exists a corresponding increase in the need for mental health services that suit this group of patients. Research demonstrates the effectiveness of the integration of spirituality and religiosity into psychotherapy and how religious beliefs could affect the management plans. This article discusses the impact of various beliefs in the Islamic faith on the bio-psychosocial model for the management of different psychiatric disorders including focusing on the modification of psychotherapeutic techniques as cognitive restructuring. It also shows other types of therapies such as music therapy, meditation therapy, and aromatherapy. The main emphasis remains to ensure that Muslim psychiatric patients get ethical, acceptable, and effective treatment.

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Isis jihadis aren’t medieval – they are shaped by modern western philosophy

We should look to revolutionary France if we want to understand the source of Islamic State’s ideology and violence

Painting of French revolutionary Maximilien Robespierre (1758-1794) during the French revolution.


By: Kevin McDonald

Over recent weeks there has been a constant background noise suggesting that Islamic State (Isis) and its ideology are some sort of throwback to a distant past. It is often framed in language such as that used last week by the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, who said Isis was “medieval”. In fact, the terrorist group’s thinking is very much in a more modern, western tradition.

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Omar Suleiman: The End of Racism (VIDEO)


info-pictogram1 A khutbah about ending racism. The comments on statuses about #Ferguson, like they were during the Trayvon case, are precisely why it’s so essential we fight racism at its core in our communities. What are some practical ways we can bridge the gap between various races in our communities?

At your innermost core there is an understanding of all that was, all that is & all that will be, if you would just listen.

gb copy At your innermost core there is an understanding of all that was, all that is & all that will be, if you would just listen.
es copy En su núcleo más íntimo que hay una comprensión de todo lo que era, todo lo que es y todo lo que será, si usted acaba de escuchar.
nl copy Bij je diepste kern is er een begrip van alles dat was, dat alles is en dat alles zal zijn, als je gewoon zou luisteren.
fr copy A votre tréfonds il ya une compréhension de tout ce qui a été, tout ce qui est et tout ce qui sera, si vous voulez bien écouter.
de copy Bei Ihrem innersten Kern gibt es ein Verständnis von allem, was war, ist alles, und alles, was sein wird, wenn Sie einfach nur zuhören.
CN67867 Zài nǐ zuì nèizài de héxīn yǒu yīqiè, zhè shì yīgè liǎojiě, suǒyǒu zhèxiē dōu shì yǔ suǒyǒu jiàng yào, rúguǒ nǐ zhǐshì tīng.
Sweden På din innersta kärna finns det en förståelse för allt som var, är allt detta och allt som kommer att vara, om du skulle bara lyssna.
rus7897 V vashem vnutrennego yadra yest’ ponimaniye vsego, chto bylo , vse, chto yest’ i vse, chto budet, yesli vy prosto slushat’.
4523turkey Içteki özünde olduğunu bütün bir anlayış var, hepsi bu ve sadece dinlemek olsaydı tüm bu olacak.
images Al suo nucleo più intimo c’è una comprensione di tutto ciò che è stato, tutto ciò che è e ciò che sarà, se volesse solo ascoltare.
indonesiaID Pada intinya terdalam Anda ada pemahaman dari semua yang, semua yang & semua yang akan, jika Anda hanya akan mendengarkan.