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Ways to Build Self-Esteem



By: Anum Ali

Self-Esteem is the value that we give ourselves and the opinion we have of ourselves. Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) blessed us with an all-encompassing way of life called Islam over 1400 years ago, and it advocates the rights of all creation (men, women, elderly, children, animals, and our own ‘self’).

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Good Cheer



Say, ‘In the bounty of Allah and in His mercy – in that let them rejoice; it is better than what they accumulate.'”

We must learn to remedy our sorrows with joy and good cheer. There are so many things that we can rejoice in. We should rejoice in our very humanity, knowing that Allah has so honoured the human being.

We should rejoice in the blessings that we have, and that we often overlook or take for granted. We should feel joy in being alive. We should rejoice in our family and loved ones, and in the provision that Allah has given us.

We should take cheer in thanking Allah for His blessings, since through our gratitude Allah will continue to bless us. 

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Omar Suleiman: Is Life Fair? What is the Reason to Live? (Video)

info-pictogram1 877-Why-Islam presents Sh. Omar Suleiman who asks important questions about our goal in life. Is the enjoyment of life the ultimate goal worth living for? Can a blind and homeless individual be more content than a famous actor? Explore why individuals display such varying levels of contentment.
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You must always seek balance, the middle road is the surest way to a life of peace & contentment.

gb copy You must always seek balance, the middle road is the surest way to a life of peace & contentment.
es copy Siempre hay que buscar el equilibrio, el camino del medio es la manera más segura de una vida de paz y alegría.
nl copy Je moet altijd proberen evenwicht, de middenweg is de zekerste manier om een leven van vrede en tevredenheid.
fr copy Vous devez toujours rechercher l’équilibre, la voie du milieu est le moyen le plus sûr pour une vie de paix et de contentement.
de copy Sie müssen immer versuchen, Balance, ist der mittlere Weg der sicherste Weg zu einem Leben in Frieden und Zufriedenheit.
CN67867 Nǐ bìxū shǐzhōng xúnqiú pínghéng, zhōng jiàn dàolù shì zuì kěkào de fāngfǎ lái ānjūlèyè de shēnghuó.
Sweden Du måste alltid sträva efter balans, är den mellersta vägen den säkraste vägen till ett liv i fred och förnöjsamhet.
rus7897 Vy dolzhny vsegda iskat’ balans ,sredniy put’ samyy vernyy put’ k zhizni mira i dovol’stva.
4523turkey Her zaman denge aramak gerekir, orta yol barış ve memnuniyet bir yaşam için en güvenli yoldur.
images Devi sempre cercare l’equilibrio, la via di mezzo è il modo più sicuro per una vita di pace e appagamento.
indonesiaID Anda harus selalu mencari keseimbangan, jalan tengah adalah cara paling pasti untuk hidup damai dan kepuasan.


info-pictogram1 As we all pass through life looking at people and materialistic things around us, we often tend to look at people above us and desire to be like them. But Islam advises us to look at those below us and feel content with what Allah (SWT) has provided us.

Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick was born in the United States of America and accepted Islam in Canada in 1970. He pursued his study of Islam at the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia where he graduated and received an Ijaza from the College of Da’wah and Islamic Sciences in 1979. He later completed a Masters Degree and a Doctorate in History at the University of Toronto in Canada. For three years, he was a regular columnist in the Religion page of Canada’s largest paper, the Toronto Star as well as a special advisor to the Royal Ontario Museum and the Ontario Science Centre.

Shaykh Abdullah has served as Imam, Daa’ee, teacher and counselor in the USA, Canada, the West Indies and South Africa. He has traveled to over 58 countries on lecture, research and educational tours.

Presently he is Director of the Discover Islam Centre in Cape Town, South Africa as well as a Senior Lecturer at Discover Islam’s Institute.
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