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The Procrastination Doom Loop—and How to Break It



By: Derek Thompson

When I woke up this morning, I had one goal: Finish this article by 11 a.m.

So, predictably, by the time it was 10 a.m., I had made and consumed two cups of coffee, taken out the trash, cleaned my room while taking a deliberately slow approach to folding my shirts, gone on a walk outside to clear my head, had a thing of yogurt and fruit to reward the physical exertion, sent an email to my aunt and sister, read about 100 Tweets (favorited three; written and deleted one), despaired at my lack of progress, comforted myself by eating a second breakfast, opened several tabs from on my browser … and written absolutely nothing.

What’s the matter with me?* Nothing, according to research that conveniently justifies this sort of behavior to my editors. Or, at least, nothing out of the ordinary for writers, as Megan McArdle has explained on this site. I’m just a terrible procrastinator.

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Subhana’llah: Secretarybird (IMAGES)


info-pictogram1 A relative of the hawk, the secretary bird is the only bird of prey who does more walking than flying, up to 20 miles a day. With very large, broad wings, secretary birds are also strong fliers and use thermal air currents to rise and soar. When hunting, they stamp on the ground to flush out small animals, then run in a zigzag pattern, flapping their wings to confuse their prey.

Subhana’llah: Actias Luna Moth (IMAGES)


info-pictogram1 The luna moth, a member of the Saturniidae family, is one of the largest moths in North America, with a wingspan of up to 4.5 inches. The pale green wings have a purple margin alone the front edges, with four eyespots on the wings that serve to confuse potential predators.

People confuse entertainment with happiness so they spend their whole life being entertained without ever gaining true happiness in life.

gb copy People confuse entertainment with happiness so they spend their whole life being entertained without ever gaining true happiness in life.
es copy La gente confunde el entretenimiento con la felicidad por lo que pasan toda su vida siendo entretenido sin tener que obtener la verdadera felicidad en la vida.
nl copy Mensen verwarren entertainment met geluk, zodat ze hun hele leven vermaakt zonder ooit het ware geluk in het leven verkrijgen.
fr copy Les gens confondent divertissement avec bonheur si ils passent toute leur vie sans jamais être diverti obtenir le vrai bonheur dans la vie.
de copy Die Leute verwechseln Unterhaltung mit Glück, so dass sie ihr ganzes Leben ist, ohne jemals das wahre Glück im Leben gewinnt unterhalten.
CN67867 Rén hùnxiáo yúlè yǔ xìngfú, shǐ tāmen dùguò tāmen de yīshēng bèi shòulǐ ér méiyǒu huòdé rénshēng zhēnzhèng de xìngfú.
Sweden Folk förväxlar underhållning med glädje så de tillbringar hela sitt liv som underhöll utan att någonsin få sann lycka i livet.
rus7897 Lyudi putayut razvlecheniya ot schast’ya tak oni provodyat vsyu svoyu zhizn’ razvlekayut , nikogda ne nabirayut istinnoye schast’ye v zhizni.
4523turkey Onların bütün hayat hiç hayatında gerçek mutluluk kazanıyor olmadan ağırladı harcamak böylece insanların mutluluğu ile eğlence karıştırmayın.
images La gente confonde l’intrattenimento con la felicità in modo che trascorrono tutta la loro vita di essere intrattenuti senza mai ottenere la vera felicità nella vita.
indonesiaID Orang hiburan bingung dengan kebahagiaan sehingga mereka menghabiskan seluruh hidup mereka dihibur tanpa pernah mendapatkan kebahagiaan sejati dalam hidup.