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How Food Can Make Us Sick (Video)

info-pictogram1 How often does food make us sick? Our complicated food production system, and the underreporting of food poisoning, makes it hard to tell. But by monitoring the risks in our food chain, we all might dine with a little more confidence.

Overcoming Tests from Allah



Allah, Glory be to Him, says in the Quran: “Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, ‘We believe,’ and that they will not be tested? We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false” (Quran, 29: 2-3).

By virtue of being created as human beings, we will be tested. We will be thrown into countless trials, into situations that may arise unpleasant and awkward, and into times of difficulty when it seems as though there is little reason to hope.

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Zionist propaganda on social media is being backed up by millions of dollars


By: Mohammed Zeyara

I want to send a quick reminder to everyone that the Zionist propaganda on social media is being backed up by millions of dollars daily for advertisements. Each tweet that the IDF or Israeli president tweet, gets promoted and advertised. This indicates how desperate they are to reach out to more people with bias and fabricated information to gain sympathy and support. Now, we do not have a government to fund advertising, nor do we have millions of dollars to back up our posts. But we do have humans with dignity who decided to speak and share the truth. And with full confidence we rely on God, then them. The awareness that social media raised the past 2 weeks shocked the world. So please continue supporting the activists you follow.

Thank you for your time.

Nouman Ali Khan: Prophet Ibrahim (Quran Weekly)


info-pictogram1 Instead of responding to today’s critics, have confidence and reliance in the revelation as well as in the legacy of our Prophets.
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Bullying reflects your lack of self confidence & self-respect.

gb copy Bullying reflects your lack of self confidence & self-respect.
es copy Bullying refleja su falta de confianza en sí mismo y amor propio.
nl copy Pesten weerspiegelt je gebrek aan zelfvertrouwen en zelfrespect.
fr copy L’intimidation reflète votre manque de confiance en soi et le respect de soi.
de copy Mobbing spiegelt Ihr Mangel an Selbstvertrauen und Selbstachtung.
CN67867 Qīlíng fǎnyìngle nǐ quēfá zìxìn hé zìzūn.
Sweden Mobbning speglar din brist på självförtroende och självrespekt.
rus7897 Zapugivaniye otrazhayet vashe otsutstviye uverennosti v sebe i samouvazheniya.
4523turkey Zorbalık kendine güven ve öz-saygı eksikliğini yansıtır.
images Bullismo riflette la vostra mancanza di fiducia in se stessi e rispetto di sé.
indonesiaID Bullying mencerminkan kurangnya kepercayaan diri & harga diri.