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Getting Kids to Listen



One of the hardest parts of parenting is getting our kids to listen to us, and then, of course, getting them to do what we ask!

If you remember to use a few important skills this job will be much easier for you. Insha Allah

Think before you speak.

You tell your daughter it’s time to leave, then take twenty more minutes to get yourself ready. You ask your kids to clean up the family room, then allow the mess to remain for the night. You threaten to cancel your child’s trip if he speaks badly to you again. He does, but you don’t. All these scenes create kids who have “selective hearing.” Instead, take a minute to think before you issue a command, be specific, and your words will become more accurate and meaningful.

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Dr. Reda Bedeir: Is Allah close so that we can whisper to Him? (Video)


Man attempts to hug wild lion (Video)

info-pictogram1 Kevin Richardson is a South African zookeeper who’s renowned for being so up close and intimate with lions that he has been accepted into several prides. It really is amazing how this man has been accepted by these lions. His passion is overwhelming and the obvious comfort he has spending time with them.

Close “clear-air” lightning bolt! – Darwin Australia (Video)

info-pictogram1 “This massive clear air bolt (cloud-to-ground lightning bolt) hit about 200-250m away from our location. Here in Darwin, Australia these bolts can leap 15-20km away from the main storm striking a dry area surrounding the storm. You don’t see me in the frame for good reason as I was in my car!”

Taking over someone else’s personality comes close to suicide.

gb copy Taking over someone else’s personality comes close to suicide.
es copy Hacerse cargo de la personalidad de otra persona se acerca al suicidio.
nl copy Het overnemen van andermans persoonlijkheid komt dichtbij zelfmoord.
fr copy Prise en charge de la personnalité de quelqu’un d’autre est au bord du suicide.
de copy Die Übernahme Persönlichkeit jemand anderes kommt nah an Selbstmord.
CN67867 Jiēshǒu biérén dì xìnggé jiējìn zìshā.
Sweden Att ta över någon annans personlighet kommer nära självmord.
rus7897 Vzyav na lichnosti chuzhoy priblizhayetsya k samoubiystvu.
4523turkey Başkasının kişilik devralarak intihara yakın geliyor.
images Rilevare la personalità di qualcun altro si avvicina al suicidio.
indonesiaID Mengambil lebih dari kepribadian orang lain datang dekat dengan bunuh diri.