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Documentary: Is the American dream dead? (Video)

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info-pictogram1 A Johns Hopkins University study shows that for big segments of the population the American dream is dead. Johns Hopkins University researchers followed nearly 800 Baltimore schoolchildren for decades. What they discovered isn’t pretty: These children’s fates “were substantially determined by the family they were born into.” Correspondent Adam May joins some of those children on a “tour” – from prison, to schools, to the blighted neighborhoods they called home – to understand what the chances really are of escaping urban poverty in America. Read the full story.

The God Confusion: Order by chance



Solving a Rubik’s Cube is considered a difficult task, even for the most intelligent people.

Now imagine a blind man, trying to order the scrambled faces of a Rubik’s Cube. He doesn’t know whether any twist he gives the cube brings him closer to or further from his goal. How likely is it for him to solve the cube by chance alone?

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Are You Doing Good Deeds with Great Rewards?

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By: Hiba Ali


When we think about our day-to-day actions, chances are they reside in separate compartments in our mind. This may not necessarily be the outcome of any conscious effort, but simply the result of how we habitually tend to perceive the act.
I help with chores to do my part around the house.
I eat because I am hungry.
I take a nap because I am bored.
I study because I need good grades.

But what if you could make all of those actions a source of reward insha’Allah?

How!? By our intention.

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The opportunities are there, it is you who sees them as problems, & not as chances to evolve.

gb copy The opportunities are there, it is you who sees them as problems, & not as chances to evolve.
es copy Las oportunidades están ahí, eres tú quien los ve como problemas, y no como oportunidades para evolucionar.
nl copy De mogelijkheden zijn er, het is u die ziet ze als problemen, en niet als kans om te evolueren.
fr copy Les possibilités sont là, c’est vous qui les considère comme des problèmes, et pas que les chances d’évoluer.
de copy Die Chancen sind da, es ist ihr, als sie sieht Probleme, und nicht als Chance, sich zu entwickeln.
CN67867 Jīhuì shì yǒu, tā shì nǐ shuí kàn dào tāmen zuòwéi de wèntí, yǔ bùzuòwéi de jīhuì fāzhǎn.
Sweden Möjligheterna finns där, det är du som ser dem som problem, och inte lika chanser att utvecklas.
rus7897 Vozmozhnosti yest’ , eto vy, kto vidit v nikh problem , i ne kak shansy razvivat’sya.
4523turkey Fırsat bu şansı gelişmeye gibi sorunlar olarak görür, ve değil kim olduğunu vardır.
images Le opportunità ci sono, siete voi che li vede come i problemi, e non come possibilità di evolversi.
indonesiaID Kesempatan yang ada, Andalah yang melihat mereka sebagai masalah, & bukan sebagai kesempatan untuk berkembang.