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Ants Work in Harmony (Video)

info-pictogram1 Ants are capable of carrying objects 50 times their own body weight with their mandibles.

How to stay cool when you have lot of troubles?



When a person has a lot of troubles, their mind becomes incapable of dealing with all of the troublesthey have, and it gradually deteriorates. Basically, when a person has a lot of troubles, they become depressed and they lose their ability to concentrate on something for a considerable amount of time. In fact, when a person is faced with a large number of problems at the same time, they lose their judgement and they are no longer capable of seeing things clearly. In addition, when people are faced with a lot of troubles, they typically lose their cool, start acting in a weird manner, and get depressed to the point where no one is able to cheer them up no matter what they do.

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Your achievements shine like stars in the sky, a bright reminder of what you are capable of.

gb copy Your achievements shine like stars in the sky, a bright reminder of what you are capable of.
es copy Sus logros brillan como estrellas en el cielo, un recordatorio brillante de lo que eres capaz de hacer.
nl copy Je prestaties schitteren als sterren aan de hemel, een heldere herinnering van wat je in staat bent.
fr copy Vos réalisations brillent comme des étoiles dans le ciel, un rappel lumineux de ce que vous êtes capable de faire.
de copy Ihre Leistungen strahlen wie Sterne am Himmel, eine helle Erinnerung daran, was Sie in der Lage sind.
CN67867 Nǐ de chéngjiù shǎnyào rú tiānshàng de xīngxīng, shénme, nǐ dōu nénggòu míngliàng tíxǐng.
Sweden Dina prestationer lyser som stjärnor på himlen, en ljus påminnelse om vad du är kapabel till.
rus7897 Vashi dostizheniya siyat’, kak zvezdy v nebe , yarko napominaniye togo, chto vy sposobny.
4523turkey Sizin başarılar gökyüzünde yıldızlar, sen yeteneğine ne parlak bir hatırlatma gibi parlıyor.
images I vostri successi brillano come stelle nel cielo, un ricordo luminoso di cosa siete capaci.
indonesiaID Prestasi Anda bersinar seperti bintang di langit, pengingat terang dari apa yang Anda mampu.