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“I’M BORED!” – Tips for parents with kids on vacation


By: Umm Ammarah

Dad what can I do next???…Mum I’m BORED!!!  For parents vacations can be really demanding keeping our children occupied. Vacations pose a great challenge for many parents. However holidays can be great fun if parents are positive, creative and interactive. Also during the vacation there is a good opportunity to recharge our kid’s spiritual batteries and start afresh in daily activities. It is a joyous period and a unique break from our busy schedules. We should welcome vacations for its fun.

The excitement surrounding vacations and family trips usually kicks off with strong excitement. However, after only a short time away from the daily routines of school, one phrase parents dread hearing begins to creep into the language of children almost instinctively: “I’M BORED”!

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2 Minute Introduction to Understand Quran Academy (Video)


info-pictogram1 So, you want to understand the Quran, but you are ‘too busy’? Or you think Quran is difficult to learn? Then this is the perfect course for you.

This is our most popular course which is being offered to thousands of brothers, sisters and children both online and in person from UK to USA, Canada, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the Far East. We have students from all over the world.

50 % of the Quran in just 9 hours

You will study 9 hours in total, divided over 19 sessions in which you will learn 125 words that occur in the Quran 40,000 times (out of a total of approx. 78,000 words).  That comes to 50%!

So, when you finish this course you will know half of the words on each page of the Quran.

What will you study?

We found out that the easiest gateway to understand Arabic is through Salah. You already know the Arabic text and this way you practise daily what you learn! You will cover:

  • Surah Al-Fatihah & the last six Surahs of the Quran
  • Different parts of Salah (prayer)
  • Basic necessary Grammar
  • Exclusive: unique iman boosting lessons in each part.

What is the Aim of this course?

1. Have you start performing daily recitations (in your salah and others) with understanding.
This will tremendously improve your concentration in Salah and your relationship with Allah;

2. Show you the Quran is not a nice thing to have, but the must have guideline to succeed in life;

3. Forever remove your thinking that the Quran is difficult to understand;
Now you know half of the words on each page it is easy to start understanding 100% of the Quran!

What are the Benefits of this course?

  • The Key Formula to prioritize all your Quran activities!
  • Effective, Research-Based Approach; to ensure the most fast way for you to learn.
  • Included ‘how to’ lessons;  interact, imagine, feel and how to recite the Quran;
  • Revolutionary Technique for learning grammar; TPI (Total Physical Interaction);
  • All possible learning materials provided: from videos, mp3, PowerPoint files, Textbook, Workbook, to email reminders, special quizzes and a final exam.


Top 5 tips to maintain your weight while spending a busy life



There are a number of reasons why a person must maintain their weight. Firstly, a person must maintain their weight because if they don’t their body might become prone to dire diseases and illnesses such as heart attacks. Another extremely important reason why a person must maintain their weight because if they don’t, their body will not be proportionate and they will have a distorted figure. If a person wants to look good, they need to have a proportionate figure. People who do not maintain their weight do not at all have a proportionate figure.

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Too Busy for Qur’an? Check These 3 Tips To Get Rolling


By: Mansoor Ahmed


Most of us spend close to 8-10 hours of our entire day genuinely busy, be it at work, school, internships, volunteering, or some other day-consuming activity. That is usually supplemented with time to eat, which can add another 1-2 hours of busy time, spending time with the family, another couple of hours, entertainment, sleeping and everything else, and we are left with barely any time to ourselves. We all know how busy our schedules are between the many different things we juggle daily.

Yet, we all have that desire to have a functional relationship with the Qur’an every day. We want to spend some time reciting it, some time memorizing it and also some time towards listening or reading tafseer (exegesis) to understand it. So how can we practically create a consistent, meaningful relationship with the Book of Allah, subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He), when the time we have to invest in it is so little?

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No matter how busy life is don’t forget to make some time for some self-reflection. It will help you grow.

gb copy No matter how busy life is don’t forget to make some time for some self-reflection. It will help you grow.
es copy No importa lo ocupado que la vida es no se olvide de hacer un poco de tiempo para un poco de auto-reflexión. Esto le ayudará a crecer.
nl copy Ongeacht hoe druk het leven is vergeet niet om wat tijd voor wat zelfreflectie te maken. Het zal u helpen groeien.
fr copy Peu importe comment occupé la vie est de ne pas oublier de faire un peu de temps pour une réflexion sur soi. Il vous aidera à grandir.
de copy Egal wie beschäftigt Leben ist nicht zu vergessen, um etwas Zeit für etwas Selbstreflexion zu machen. Es wird Ihnen helfen zu wachsen.
CN67867 Wúlùn shēnghuó yǒu duōmáng bùyào wàngle zuò yīduàn shíjiān, yīxiē zìwǒ fǎnxǐng. Tā huì bāngzhù nǐ chéngzhǎng.
Sweden Oavsett hur upptagen liv är glöm inte att göra lite tid för lite självreflektion. Det kommer att hjälpa dig att växa.
rus7897 Nezavisimo ot togo, naskol’ko zanyat zhizn’ ne ne zabud’te sdelat’ kakoye-to vremya dlya nekotorykh samorefleksii. Eto pomozhet vam rasti.
4523turkey Olursa olsun hayat ne kadar meşgul bazı kendini yansıması için biraz zaman yapmak unutmayın. Bu büyümeye yardımcı olacaktır.
images Non importa quanto occupata la vita è di non dimenticare di fare un po ‘di tempo per un po’ auto-riflessione. Essa vi aiuterà a crescere.
indonesiaID Tidak peduli seberapa sibuk kehidupan adalah jangan lupa untuk membuat beberapa waktu untuk beberapa refleksi diri. Ini akan membantu Anda tumbuh.

Sometimes we are so busy adding up our troubles that we forget to count our blessings.

gb copy Sometimes we are so busy adding up our troubles that we forget to count our blessings.
es copy A veces estamos tan ocupados sumando nuestros problemas que nos olvidamos de contar nuestras bendiciones.
nl copy Soms zijn we zo druk met het optellen van onze problemen die we vergeten om onze zegeningen te tellen.
fr copy Parfois, nous sommes tellement occupés additionnant nos problèmes que nous oublions de compter nos bénédictions.
de copy Manchmal sind wir so beschäftigt, addieren unsere Probleme, dass wir vergessen, unsere Segnungen zu zählen.
CN67867 Yǒu shíhou, wǒmen zhème máng jiāle wǒmen de máfan, wǒmen wàngle suàn wǒmen de zhùfú.
Sweden Ibland är vi så upptagna att lägga upp våra problem som vi glömmer att räkna våra välsignelser.
rus7897 Иногда мы настолько заняты сложения наши беды, что мы забываем посчитать наши благословения.
4523turkey Bazen bizim şükret unutmayın bizim sorunlar kadar ekleyerek çok meşgul.
images A volte siamo così impegnati sommando i nostri problemi che ci dimentichiamo di contare le nostre benedizioni.
indonesiaID Kadang-kadang kita begitu sibuk menambahkan masalah kita sehingga kita lupa untuk menghitung berkat-berkat kita.