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The Trews: Russell Brand – Welcome To The Sean Hannity School Of Bullying (Video)

info-pictogram1 Sean Hannity is at it again, this time in a condescending interview with a local Committeewoman in Ferguson, St Louis, following protests over the shooting of teenager Michael Brown.

Bullying reflects your lack of self confidence & self-respect.

gb copy Bullying reflects your lack of self confidence & self-respect.
es copy Bullying refleja su falta de confianza en sí mismo y amor propio.
nl copy Pesten weerspiegelt je gebrek aan zelfvertrouwen en zelfrespect.
fr copy L’intimidation reflète votre manque de confiance en soi et le respect de soi.
de copy Mobbing spiegelt Ihr Mangel an Selbstvertrauen und Selbstachtung.
CN67867 Qīlíng fǎnyìngle nǐ quēfá zìxìn hé zìzūn.
Sweden Mobbning speglar din brist på självförtroende och självrespekt.
rus7897 Zapugivaniye otrazhayet vashe otsutstviye uverennosti v sebe i samouvazheniya.
4523turkey Zorbalık kendine güven ve öz-saygı eksikliğini yansıtır.
images Bullismo riflette la vostra mancanza di fiducia in se stessi e rispetto di sé.
indonesiaID Bullying mencerminkan kurangnya kepercayaan diri & harga diri.

Seven Tips for Parents to Deal with Bullying

Undoubtedly there aren’t many things more frustrating for a parent than seeing their child struggle with bullying and peer pressure. It makes many parents feel powerless, as so much seems to happen under their radar. Many children, especially teens, are reluctant to share what’s going on in their social lives.


Let us take a look at some important ways in which you, as a Muslim parent, can help your child:

1. Recognize the Signs

Not every child will take the initiative to come up to you and tell you that he is being bullied. In fact, a lot of children wouldn’t. Be observant of your child, so you will notice when something changes in his behavior or expression.

Signs can include:

  • Your child waits with using bathroom until he gets home from school. School bathrooms can be bully-hot spots.
  • He often gets home hungry even though you have packed enough lunch or given enough money.
  • Belongings get damaged or ‘lost’ more frequently.
  • Your child feels more negatively about himself. He may think he’s not good enough, or blames himself a lot.
  • Social withdrawal, especially when your child stops socializing with his usual friends.

2. Listen, Don’t Judge

One of the most valuable skills as a parent is to be able to listen to your child. Really listen, that is, without judging. Let your child talk, without giving your opinion, offering solutions or getting upset. As important as it is for kids to stay cool, the same goes for parents. Getting upset, or at the other end, downplaying your child’s feelings do not empower him to deal with the situation effectively, and will keep him from telling you about his issues in the future. It is natural for a parent to feel emotional and to want to react to what your child says, but be patient, listen carefully, and think things over before you rush to judgment.

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