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Sara Minkara – Muhsen Benefit Dinner 2015 (Video)

Speech by Sara Minkara at the Muhsen Benefit Dinner on October 24, 2015.

Emotional Story of a Blind Kid it will Make You Cry (Video)

A man leading prayer reading a Quran based off of braille for those that are blind!


info-pictogram1 Subhan’Allah, do you know what this is picture of? It is a man leading prayer reading a Quran based off of braille for those that are blind! Indeed, some people may not be able to see with their eyes, but how many of us are blind when it comes to our hearts! This is truly a man who can see, ma’sha’Allah!

[And for those who are quick to complain, let us respect the fact that there may be a difference of opinion amongst the scholars when it comes to reading out of the Quran when it comes to non-obligatory prayers (like the Taraweeh) and remember, “Let him who believes in Allah and the Last Day speak good, or keep silent.”]

May Allah open and soften our hearts, Ameen!

Allahu Akbar!

A lust for vengeance blind the most reasonable people in the world.

gb copy A lust for vengeance blind the most reasonable people in the world.
es copy Una sed de venganza ciega a las personas más razonables en el mundo.
nl copy Een lust voor wraak blind de meest redelijke mensen in de wereld.
fr copy Un désir de vengeance aveugle les gens les plus raisonnables dans le monde.
de copy Ein Rachelust blenden die meisten vernünftigen Menschen in der Welt.
CN67867 Yīgè yùwàng fùchóu méngbì zuì hélǐ de rén zài shìjiè shàng.
Sweden En lust för hämnd blinda de mest förnuftiga människor i världen.
rus7897 Zhazhda mesti oslepit’ naiboleye razumnyye lyudi v mire.
4523turkey Intikam için bir şehvet dünyanın en makul insanları kör.
images Un desiderio di vendetta cieca le persone più ragionevoli del mondo.
indonesiaID Sebuah nafsu untuk membalas dendam buta orang-orang yang paling masuk akal di dunia.



  • Although jaguars are often tawny-colored, they can vary from reddish-brown to black. Black jaguars are also called black panthers.
  • A jaguar’s bite is twice as strong as a lion and it can crush heavy bones in large prey easily.
  • The term “jaguar” comes from the Native American word “yaguar”, which means “he who kills with one leap.”
  • Jaguar populations are rapidly declining due to habitat loss in South American rainforests and poaching for their fur.
  • Jaguars were once found in the Western and Southern U.S. including Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico. However, the jaguar population was quickly eliminated in the U.S. and very few sightings have been recorded since the 1960s.
  • Young cubs are born blind and helpless. They stay with their mother for about two years learning to hunt.