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Sydney Siege – The truth About Who Is Responsible (Video)

info-pictogram1 Sydney Siege Who Is to Blame? Is it Islam, Shoddy Courts, Immigration Screening, Or is there something more? A perspective from a Syrian Australian, who warned about the rise of terror, in the middle east and the world.

ISIS victim’s brother opposes extremism with integrity and the Quran


By: Dan Bloom

The brother of beheaded aid worker David Haines has read from the Koran in an impassioned plea for the world to ‘repel evil with something better’.

Mike Haines said extremism, not Islam, was to blame for the on-camera butchering of his brother, a married 44-year-old with two children who devoted his life to helping victims of war.

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Is Love A Crime?



By: Zaynub Zafar

As innocent as this emotion sounds, can sometimes prove truly fatal – both to our spiritual and physical well being. What exactly does it mean to be in ; where are we going wrong with it, what is it by definition and why are we confusing it with other emotions, what are its dangers and repercussions and how do we deal with them – find out the answers below.

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Russell Brand: The Trews – Who Is To Blame For Isis? (Video)

info-pictogram1 This episode focuses on the conflict in Iraq and examines information that we are not being told by mainstream media.

Daily Reminder: Oh Muslims! – Blame Yourselves! (Audio)

info-pictogram1 “So Muslims, If We Want To Change This Society, If We Want To Change The Direction of This Society, If We Want To Effect This Society, We Have To First Reform Ourselves, So Dont Point At The Yahoodi, Dont Point At The Nasala, Dont Point At Bush, Dont Point At Blair and Dont Point At Howard and Dont Point, At This One and That One Cause When You Point, There’s 3 Fingers Pointing Back At You!!! Blame Yourself, Because When You Sincelerly Blame Yourself, You Will Change Yourself. The Prophet Yunus (AS) When Those People Threw Him Out The Boat Into The Water, They Wanted Him To Die, Didnt They? They Wanted Him To Die, They Wanted Him To Drown or They Want The Big Fish (Whale) To Swallow Him. They Threw Him From The Boat, They Did That, They Conspired Against Him and They Threw Him In The Boat, They Threw Him Out But When They Threw Him Out, He Didnt Say, Oh Why You Do That? You Guys Are No Good, You Are Criminals, And While He’s Almost Drowning, He’s Blaming Them, NO!!! When They Threw Him Out The Boat and Immediatley Allah (SWA) Sent The Whale, Swallowed Him Immediatley, The Whale Came and Swallowed Him, You Think About This,And You Ask One Of These People Who’s Involved In Animal Science, What Do They Call This,,,,,,,,Oceanography or Biology or Marine Biology, Ask Them About The Whale and The Stomach Of The Whale, They Will Tell You, That If Someone Is Swallowed By The Whale, First Of All He Has No Air Because That Whale Himself Is A Mammal, He Must Come Up For Air Himself, So If The Whale Has No Air He Has To Come Up For Air Cause He’s A Mammal, If You’re Swallowed By The Whale, You Will Suffocate, Thats The First Thing. The Second Thing, The Whales A Mammal, And Like Every Other Mammals, The Way He Digest His Food Is That There Is A Very Intense Amount Of Acid, Inside His Stomach and This Acid Inside The Whale Is 12 Times The Power Of The Acid Inside Our Stomach, So The Person That Is Swalllowed or The Thing That Is Swallowed By The Whale, First It Will Suffocate, And After That It Will Become Dissolved By The Acid, So Allah (SWA) Caused The Prophet Yunus (AS) To Be Thrown Out Of The Boat and The Water Did Not Drown Him Because The Whale Came Immediately, Swallowed Him. When He Finds Himself Inside The Belly Of The Whale, Did He Blame The Whale? Did He Blame The People? Did He Curse Allah (SWA)? NO!!! He Said: Oh Allah, There Is No God Except You and Verily I Am One Of The People Who is Opressive To Himself”
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It is easy to shift blame, so easy, it takes courage to admit you were wrong, yet nothing will change until you do.

gb copy It is easy to shift blame, so easy, it takes courage to admit you were wrong, yet nothing will change until you do.
es copy Es fácil echarle la culpa, tan fácil, se necesita valor para admitir que te equivocaste, pero nada va a cambiar hasta que lo haga.
nl copy Het is gemakkelijk om de schuld verschuiven, zo makkelijk, het vergt moed om toe te geven dat u ongelijk had, maar niets zal veranderen totdat je doet.
fr copy Il est facile de rejeter la faute, si facile, il faut du courage pour admettre que vous aviez tort, mais rien ne changera jusqu’à ce que vous faites.
de copy Es ist leicht, die Schuld zu verschieben, so einfach, dauert es Mut, zuzugeben, Sie waren falsch, aber wird sich nichts ändern, bis Sie tun.
CN67867 Zhè shì hěn róngyì qiānnù, nàme róngyì, tā xūyào yǒngqì chéngrèn nǐ cuòle, què shénme dōu bù huì gǎibiàn, zhídào nǐ zuò.
Sweden Det är lätt att skifta skulden, så lätt, det tar mod att erkänna att du hade fel, men ingenting kommer att förändras förrän du gör.
rus7897 Legko perelozhit’ vinu , tak prosto , eto trebuyet muzhestva , chtoby priznat’, chto vy byli ne pravy , no nichego ne izmenitsya , poka vy delayete.
4523turkey O kadar kolay suçunu kolaydır, bu yanlış olduğunu itiraf etmek cesaret ister, ama bunu yapana kadar hiçbir şey değişmeyecektir.
images E ‘facile da spostare la colpa, così facile, ci vuole coraggio per ammettere di aver sbagliato, ma nulla cambierà fino a che fare.
indonesiaID Sangat mudah untuk menggeser menyalahkan, begitu mudah, dibutuhkan keberanian untuk mengakui kesalahan, namun tidak akan ada perubahan sampai Anda lakukan.

You can’t blame the devil for your actions



You can’t blame Shaytan for your actions, because on the Day of Judgement he will say: “I had no authority over you. I only invited you and you responded. So do not blame me but blame yourselves.” Quran 14:22

You can blame the whole world for your troubles, but sadly nothing will change, until you take ownership for your part.

gb copy You can blame the whole world for your troubles, but sadly nothing will change, until you take ownership for your part.
es copy Usted puede culpar a todo el mundo por sus problemas, pero lamentablemente nada va a cambiar, hasta que tome posesión de su parte.
nl copy U kunt de hele wereld de schuld geven voor je problemen, maar helaas niets zal veranderen, totdat je verantwoordelijk voelen voor uw kant.
fr copy Vous pouvez blâmer le monde entier pour vos problèmes, mais malheureusement rien ne changera, jusqu’à ce que vous prenez possession de votre partie.
de copy Sie können die ganze Welt für Ihre Probleme verantwortlich zu machen, aber leider wird sich nichts ändern, bis Sie den Besitz für Ihren Beitrag.
CN67867 Nǐ kěyǐ zéguài zhěnggè shìjiè wèi nǐ de fánnǎo, dàn kěbēi de shì shénme dōu bù huì gǎibiàn, zhídào nǐ qǔdé suǒyǒuquán wèi nǐ de yībùfèn.
Sweden Du kan skylla hela världen för dina bekymmer, men tyvärr ingenting kommer att förändras, tills du ta ansvar för din del.
rus7897 Vy mozhete obvinit’ ves’ mir dlya vashikh nepriyatnostey , no, k sozhaleniyu , nichego ne izmenitsya , poka vy ne vzyat’ na sebya otvetstvennost’ za vashey storony.
4523turkey Sen derdinizin için tüm dünyayı suçlayabilir, ancak sizin açınızdan sahipliğini almak kadar ne yazık ki hiçbir şey değişecek.
images Si può incolpare il mondo intero per i vostri problemi, ma purtroppo non cambierà nulla, fino a prendere la proprietà da parte vostra.
indonesiaID Anda dapat menyalahkan seluruh dunia untuk masalah Anda, tapi sayangnya tidak ada yang akan berubah, sampai Anda mengambil kepemilikan untuk bagian Anda.