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Subhana’llah: Panda (IMAGES)


info-pictogram1 The giant panda’s black and white coat and prominent black eye patches have made it one of the best known species, although it is among the shyest and rarest animals in the world. It appears to use no special resting place, but simply lies down on the ground wherever it happens to be. There are only about 1,000 giant pandas left in the wild. They are classified as Endangered.

Documentary: Racism (VIDEO)

info-pictogram1 Racism is a worldwide problem. And this corruption disease in the heart has been spread through humans in the last years. In this documentary, there will be shown information and knowledge to make clear how serious this problem is in our society.
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Brain Teasing Black and White Illusion (IMAGE)

Fix your eyes on the black dot in the middle of the infrared image until the animated gif switches to black and white. The castle will immediately show its true colors. 


info-pictogram1 So what is happening here to create the false color? You may have noticed that if you stare at a bright light and then look away, it will create a dark spot in your vision for a few seconds. Similarly, if you stare at a dark object on a bright white wall for several seconds and then close your eyes, you will see the reverse – the dark object will show up white. The image above is doing this same kind of thing with the color cells on your retina, oversaturating them with one color so you see the reverse once the color is gone. See How your eyes work for details.

Some people would swear that black was white & white was black, they argue with themselves not with you!

gb copy Some people would swear that black was white & white was black, they argue with themselves not with you!
es copy Algunas personas juran que lo negro era blanco y negro era negro, argumentan con ellos mismos, no con usted!
nl copy Sommige mensen zouden zweren dat zwart wit was en wit was zwart, debatteren zij met zichzelf niet met u!
fr copy Certaines personnes ne jurent que le noir était blanc et blanc était noir, affirment-ils avec eux-mêmes pas avec vous!
de copy Einige Leute würden schwören, dass schwarz und weiß war weiß schwarz war, argumentieren sie mit sich selbst nicht mit dir!
CN67867 Yǒuxiē rén huì fāshì, hēi shì bái, bái shì hēi de, tāmen bǐcǐ zhēnglùn bù hé nǐ zài yīqǐ!
Sweden Vissa människor skulle svära på att svart var vitt och vitt var svart, hävdar de med sig inte med dig!
rus7897 Nekotoryye lyudi klyanutsya, chto chernyy byl belym i belyy byl chernym, oni sporyat s sebya ne s vami!
4523turkey Bazı insanlar sizinle kendileri ile değil tartışmak, siyah beyaz oldu ve siyah beyaz olduğunu yemin ederim!
images Alcune persone giurano che il nero era bianco e nero era nero, sostengono con se stessi, non con voi!
indonesiaID Beberapa orang akan bersumpah bahwa hitam adalah putih & putih hitam, mereka berdebat dengan diri mereka sendiri tidak dengan Anda!