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Humans are like strawberries

By: roadside2islam

We all come from the same seed. We all encounter different things in life, but what sets us apart is our ability to choose how sweet or bitter we become. Strawberries are at the mercy of the person who grows them but people are at the mercy of themselves. We can choose how beautiful or bitter we want to be. Do we want to look big and beautiful on the outside, or do we want to be beautiful on the inside. If we focus on the inside, the eyes of the beholder will eventually find us not for how we look, but our reputation will be enough for them to give us a chance, because we are beautiful inside.

Why we collectively condemn ‪‎ISIS‬


By: Omar Suleiman

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) cared for the innocent men, women, and children that belonged to the “other side” even as he suffered from injustice himself and the loss of his family and closest companions. Despite losing Khadijah (ra), Hamza (ra), etc. he never became bitter or unethical. Protecting civilians from all sides is also part of Jihad. The oppression of Bashar and Al-Maliki doesn’t justify the taking of a single innocent life be it a Muslim, Christian, Yazidi, etc. So I openly condemn #ISIS and speak out against them for the havoc they are wreaking upon the people of Iraq and Syria.

I’ve read all the conspiracy theories about where they come from and it is definitely strange how they appeared out of nowhere and starting attacking other groups fighting the Assad regime and are suddenly the richest terrorist organization in the world. It’s also perplexing how the American government helped fund them in Syria but is now bombing them in Iraq. None of it makes much sense at all. But any sane Muslim with a basic understanding of Islam should be disgusted by the taking of innocent life by this group just as we are disgusted by Israel’s massacre of innocent Palestinians, America’s droning of innocent people around the world, etc. Be just even if it be against your families and against yourselves.

And to the #ISIS fanboys that keep tweeting curses, insults, and pictures of beheadings to me (whose names always seem to end with Al Amreeki for some reason), your rhetoric further reinforces to me and everyone else that this group is the manifestation of the khawarij in this era. May Allah guide all of you back to the Sunnah. Ameen

Ramadan Special: The Disaster Is More Bitter – Warning To The Oppressors #17 (Video)


info-pictogram1 Surat Al-Qamar (end of it). Abdel Aziz Al-Zahrani.

The pain will not go away by getting angry or bitter, it’ll go away when you learn to accept your fortune with good grace.

gb copy The pain will not go away by getting angry or bitter, it’ll go away when you learn to accept your fortune with good grace.
es copy El dolor no va a desaparecer por enojarse o amargo, se le pasará cuando se aprende a aceptar su fortuna con buena gracia.
nl copy De pijn zal niet verdwijnen door boos of bitter, het zal verdwijnen wanneer je leert om uw fortuin te accepteren met een goede genade.
fr copy La douleur ne disparaîtra pas par se mettre en colère ou amer, il s’en ira quand vous apprenez à accepter votre fortune avec bonne grâce.
de copy Der Schmerz geht nicht weg, indem sie wütend oder bitter, werde es weg, wenn Sie lernen, Ihr Glück mit Anstand zu akzeptieren.
CN67867 Yóu shēngqì huò tòngkǔ de tòngkǔ bù huì xiāoshī, tā huì xiāoshī, dāng nǐ xuéhuì jiēshòu nǐ de cáifù yǒu liánghǎo de fēngdù.
Sweden Smärtan försvinner inte genom att bli arg eller bitter, kommer det att försvinna när du lär dig att acceptera din förmögenhet med godvilligt.
rus7897 Bol’ ne budet ukhodit’ na serdit’sya ili gor’kiy , eto proydet , kogda vy nauchites’ prinimat’ svoyu sud’bu s khoroshim izyashchestvom.
4523turkey Eğer iyi zarafet ile servet kabul öğrenmek zaman ağrı veya acı kızgın alarak uzağa gitmeyecek, bu gidersiniz.
images Il dolore non andrà via da arrabbiarsi o amaro, andrà via quando si impara ad accettare la vostra fortuna con buona grazia.
indonesiaID Rasa sakit tidak akan pergi dengan marah atau pahit, itu akan pergi ketika Anda belajar untuk menerima keberuntungan Anda dengan rahmat yang baik.