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Echoes of Peace between Muslim and Christian


By: Agape Wo Dal


Like every other Christian on the West side of the world, I knew little of the Muslin world, except what was portrait by the media. September 11, 2001 awakened us to the existence of the Muslim world by bringing fear in the hearts of westerners. Many of us became suspicious of anyone from the Middle East.

This story however is not about the world. It’s about how one Jordanian Muslim.

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Jerusalem On Edge After Latest Clashes Between Palestinians And Israelis (Video)

info-pictogram1 Things are bad in Jerusalem. Not since the second Palestinian uprising have things been this tense. A Palestinian drove into a group of Israeli soldiers and the resulting clashes made their way into Al-Aqsa mosque. Increased settlement building is adding to the pressure.

A Turkish Dilemma: Caught Between Syria, ISIS And The Kurds (Video)

info-pictogram1 It hasn’t been easy for Turkey to get involved militarily against ISIS. Why? It all has to do with the neighboring conflict in Syria, and a restless Kurdish population that Turkey’s hesitant to arm. But with ISIS at its doorstep, what’s Turkey to do?

Bilal Philips: Open QA session with non-Muslims (Video)

info-pictogram1 Building bridges between Hindus, Christians, and Muslims. A short introduction to Islam followed by open question and answer session.
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The Correct Words: To Prevent The Evil-Eye



بـسـم  الله  والحـمـد لله والـصلاة والـسـلام عــلى رسـول  الله، وبـعـد
Taken from the book of Shaikh Maaher bin Dhaafer al-Qahtaanee حفظه الله :
رفع الغين عن بيان بدعية قول ما شاء الله لدفع العين

The reality of evil-eye:

The evil-eye is real and there is no difference between the scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jamaa`ah that the affliction by the evil eye is real and its existence proven.

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US Aid To Israel – The Real Deal (Video)

info-pictogram1 The special relationship between Israel and the United States goes deep…real deep. It’s based on security, conflict and most of all money. Most of it for the Israeli military. But with over 200 killed in Gaza just this July and the Israeli military’s long list human rights abuses, is this special relationship worth the price?
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Nouman Ali Khan: Greed (Illustrated Lesson from Surah Al-Humazah Tafsir)

info-pictogram1 What’s the fundamental difference between Capitalistic Mindset and Muslim Mindset?
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To listen to complete Tafsir of Surah Humazah: 

The difference between an opportunity and an obstacle is your attitude. Your faith has to be greater than your fear.

gb copy The difference between an opportunity and an obstacle is your attitude. Your faith has to be greater than your fear.
es copy La diferencia entre una oportunidad y un obstáculo es su actitud. Su fe tiene que ser mayor que su miedo.
nl copy Het verschil tussen een kans en een obstakel is uw houding. Je geloof moet groter zijn dan je angst.
fr copy La différence entre une opportunité et un obstacle est votre attitude. Votre foi doit être plus grand que votre peur.
de copy Der Unterschied zwischen Chance und Hindernis ist Ihre Haltung. Dein Glaube hat mehr als deine Angst zu sein.
CN67867 Yǒu jīhuì yǔ zhàng’ài wù zhī jiān de qūbié shì nǐ de tàidù. Nǐ de xìnxīn yào dàyú nǐ de kǒngjù.
Sweden Skillnaden mellan en möjlighet och ett hinder är din attityd. Din tro måste vara större än din rädsla.
rus7897 Raznitsa mezhdu vozmozhnost’yu i prepyatstviyem vashe otnosheniye . Vasha vera dolzhna byt’ bol’she, chem vash strakh.
4523turkey Bir fırsat ve engel arasındaki fark, tutumdur. Sizin inanç sizin korku daha büyük olmak zorundadır.
images La differenza tra un’opportunità e un ostacolo è il tuo atteggiamento. La tua fede deve essere maggiore di tua paura.
indonesiaID Perbedaan antara peluang dan kendala adalah sikap Anda. Iman Anda harus lebih besar dari rasa takut Anda.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

gb copy Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.
es copy La disciplina es el puente entre las metas y los logros.
nl copy Discipline is de brug tussen doelstellingen en prestatie.
fr copy La discipline est le pont entre les objectifs et les réalisations.
de copy Disziplin ist die Brücke zwischen Zielen und Leistung.
CN67867 Jìlǜ shì mùbiāo hé chéngguǒ zhī jiān de qiáoliáng.
Sweden Disciplin är bryggan mellan mål och prestation.
rus7897 Distsiplina yavlyayetsya mostom mezhdu tselyami i blagoustroystva.
4523turkey Disiplin hedefleri ve başarı arasındaki köprüdür.
images La disciplina è il ponte tra obiettivi e realizzazione.
indonesiaID Disiplin adalah jembatan antara tujuan dan prestasi.