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info-pictogram1 Fathi Otmani is a European Nasheed artist, born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Fascinated at a very young age by music, Fathi began writing rap songs in English and Dutch. He started a group at age 14 and they focussed on conscious rap music. After four years in the rap industry his serious interest in other music genres began to develop.

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Beautiful Masjids are not sufficient!


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

The true Masjid is not just a safe place for pure monotheistic spirituality but a reflection of the unity, strength, respect, and positive power that Muslims deserve in this world”. Here is an example of that enduring beauty that a strong united Ummah can manifest. Where is this and what does it mean to you?

Educated and Modest Muslim women seeking knowledge (IMAGE)


info-pictogram1 This is what the media doesn’t show you. Educated and Modest Muslim women seeking knowledge. May God Almighty Allah the Creator bless our Muslim Sisters and help the world see the beauty of ISLAM.

Daughter of a military officer shares her story of converting to Islam (Video)

info-pictogram1 This is the story of Umm Uthman, a Latina convert and daughter of a US military officer, who had the chance of traveling all over the US. Her interest in Islam began after she read about the life of civil rights leader Malcolm X, and she eventually embraced Islam in the year 2000 after meeting a Muslim family. She is now involved in helping other Spanish-speakers learn about the beauty of Islam through her education-based organization Hablamos Islam (We Speak Islam) and its project Hablamos Islam Niños (We Speak Islam, Kids). She has written and published several bilingual children’s books about various Islamic topics, which have been distributed in countries all over Latin America, Spain and the US.
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