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History of Tétouan, Morocco

info-pictogram1 The battle of Tetouan took place in 1859 – 1861 between the Spanish Army Of Africa and the Moroccan Army. This battle was a part of the Spanish – Moroccan War. The Spanish Army was composed of 36,000 men, 65 pieces of artillery, and 41 ships. Their objection was to take Tetouan which was lead by the prime minister of Spain and 1st Duke of Morocco, Leopoldo O’Donnell. The Spanish divided the army into three columns commanded by Juan Zavala de la Puente, Antonio Ros de Olano, and Ramon de Echague. The reserves were controlled by Juan Prim, and the Fleet was commanded by admiral Segundo Diaz Herrero. The battle erupted on December 17, 1859 by the column commanded by Zavala de la Puente. December 19, 1859 Echague captured the Palacio del Serrallo. On December 21st, O’Donnell commanded a squad that arrived at Ceuta. On Christmas Day the three columns were waiting to get orders to attack Tetouan. At the start of 1860 Juan Prim advanced toward the Guad al Gelu. Zavala’s column and the Spanish Navy guarded Prim’s flank. Melees from this continued until the 31st of January 1861. The city eventually fell on February 6th, 1861. When O’Donnell returned he made camp north of Madrid that eventually became a town called Tetuan de las Victorias.

Facts about Tetouan, Morocco



  • Tetouan, Morocco was founded in the third century BC.
  • Around the year 1305, King Abu Thabit of the Marinids built Titawin. This city was originally built as a base for attacks on Ceuta.
  • Around 1400 it was destroyed by the Castilians, because pirates used it for their attacks.
  • By the end of the 15th century, refugees from the Reconquista rebuilt the city and filled it with houses.
  • Tetouan stands on a very rocky plateau.
  • The Mediterranean and mountains are both by this city which makes for a beautiful picture.
  • The main attraction in Tetouan is its medina, or old city.
  • Eight of this cities original gates are still standing today.
  • Tetouan has very good tasting food.
  • Many carpet shops can be found in this city.
  • Spices are a popular item for tourists in Tetouan.
  • Tetouan houses a big mosque with an elaborate entrance.
  • Tetouan is 40 kilometers south of The Straight Of Gibraltar.
  • Tetouan is nearby to a belt of orchards containing oranges, almonds, pomegranates, and cypress.