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Women in Headscarves Behind Brazuca – The Official Football made in Pakistan


Do you know the “Brazuca” is the official world cup ball of FIFA 2014 which has been produced by second largest Muslim country Pakistan. Forward Sports in Sialkot, Pakistan is the manufacturer of the Brazuca. They were awarded the contract by Adidas at short notice after the original manufacturer in China failed to meet the demand.


This is not the first time when Pakistan is making footballs for world cup, ‘The Albert’ Official Olympic London 2012 was also made in Sialkot Pakistan. Not only this, but if we look at the history, we will found that the football of World cup 1982 “Tango” was also made in Pakistan. Sialkot has a long history of manufacturing top-class balls.


On the Brazuca production line, women in headscarves, some with their faces veiled, work briskly.


Ninety percent of those working on the Brazuca were women.


Adidas unveiled the Brazuca at a launch event on 3 December 2013, two days ahead of the traditional unveiling of the World Cup match ball at the draw of the group stages of the World Cup Final. The launch event took place in Rio de Janeiro at Parque Lage and featured a 3D light projection, which revealed the Brazuca to everyone in attendance.