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Thailand halal conference expected to attract thousands


First Thailand Halal Assembly to help boost trade, travel with Islamic World poster-halal-assembly-re02Bangkok – An estimated 5,000 delegates are expected to meet in Bangkok between 28 – 30 December for the first “Thailand Halal Assembly 2014″ to be held at the Bangkok Convention Centre, Centara Grand Hotel at CentralWorld.

Organised jointly by the Halal Science Centre of Chulalongkorn University, the Central Islamic Council of Thailand and Halal Standard Institute of Thailand, the event is designed to help upgrade the standards of halal products and services being made in Thailand to cater to the rapidly growing Islamic market, both within Asia and worldwide. Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-Ocha will deliver the opening speech.

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Mufti Menk: How Music Was Introduced and Adultery & How Other Sins Developed (Video)


info-pictogram1 How Music was Introduced and adultery and how other sins evolved e.g Tabarruj (when a woman start diplaying her beauty and to start dressing up in order to attract).
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Lion Facts (IMAGE)


  • Lions are the second largest big cat species in the world (behind tigers).

  • The average male lion weighs around 180 kg (400 lb) while the average female lion weighs around 130 kg (290 lb).

  • The heaviest lion on record weighed an amazing 375 kg (826 lb).

  • Lions can reach speeds of up to 81 kph (50 mph) but only in short bursts because of a lack of stamina.

  • The roar of a lion can be heard from 8 kilometers (5.0 miles) away.

  • Most lions found in the wild live in southern and eastern parts of Africa.

  • Lions are very social compared to other cat species, often living in prides that feature females, offspring and a few adult males.

  • Male lions are easy to recognize thanks to their distinctive manes. Males with darker manes are more likely to attract female lions (lionesses).

  • Lions in the wild live for around 12 years.

  • When lions breed with tigers the resulting hybrids are known as ligers and tigons. There are also lion and leopard hybrids known as leopons and lion and jaguar hybrids known as jaglions.

  • Lionesses are better hunters than males and do most of the hunting for a pride.

  • In the wild, lions rest for around 20 hours a day.

When you act within the darkness of lies & untruth you attract experiences towards yourself that are equally as disturbing.

gb copy When you act within the darkness of lies & untruth you attract experiences towards yourself that are equally as disturbing.
es copy Cuando actúas dentro de la oscuridad de la mentira y la falsedad que atraes hacia ti mismo que las experiencias son igual de inquietante.
nl copy Wanneer u handelt binnen de duisternis van leugens en onwaarheid trek je ervaringen naar jezelf dat zijn net zo storend.
fr copy Lorsque vous agissez dans l’obscurité du mensonge et le mensonge vous attirer vers vous des expériences qui sont tout aussi inquiétant.
de copy Wenn Sie in der Dunkelheit der Lüge handeln und Sie gewinnen Erfahrungen Unwahrheit auf sich selbst, die gleichermaßen als störend sind.
CN67867 Dāng nǐ huǎngyán de hēi’àn zhōng xíngdòng yǔ huǎngyán nǐ xīyǐn de jīnglì duì zìjǐ, yě tóngyàng lìng rén bù’ān.
Sweden När du agerar i mörkret av lögner och osann du locka upplevelser mot dig själv som är lika störande.
rus7897 Kogda vy deystvuyete vo t’me lzhi i nepravdy vam privlech’ opyt po otnosheniyu k sebe , kotoryye odinakovo kak trevozhnaya.
4523turkey Eğer yalan karanlığın içinde hareket & vefasızlık zaman eşit olarak rahatsız edici kendinize doğru deneyimler çekmek.
images Quando si agisce nel buio della menzogna e falsità si attraggono esperienze verso se stessi che sono altrettanto inquietanti.
indonesiaID Ketika Anda bertindak dalam kegelapan kebohongan & jalan yang tidak benar Anda menarik pengalaman terhadap diri sendiri yang sama-sama mengganggu.