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When the light of faith tries to enter


By: Asmaa Hussein

“When the light of faith tries to enter sometimes it hurts – like the first moment you emerge from a dark room into the sunlight. You squint your eyes and shade your face from the sun’s intensity. But after a moment or two, you can see that whatever the light has touched has been brightened and beautified so much more than before.

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Profound words from Sister Asmaa Hussein whose husband was martyred in the Rabaa massacre

Blood and flowers near Rabaa Adawiya

By: Asmaa Hussein

“The eyes roll up at the moment of death, following the soul as it is emptied from the body. It is the moment we fear, that which we loathe, what we would give all our riches to avoid: death.

I remember seeing Amr like that after he was killed. I remember his body and face resting, motionless, the blood that had dried on his face and beard. It wasn’t really him anymore – just the shell that once held his soul. I remember those tears as I stood over him wondering what my life would be like after losing a love so great.
That moment of death. The one that makes our hearts recoil in fear, the one we see daily pictures of in Gaza, Syria and many other places – it came to them as a decree from their Lord. The pictures are gruesome, and the reality even more so. Devastated parents standing over their children’s bodies, women standing over the bodies of their beloved husbands…it is certainly one of the hardest things anyone will ever have to do in this life.

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