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By: Haroon Moghul


Last week, The New York Times’ Rukmini Callimachi published “A Theology of Rape,” a report as important as it is horrifying. Unfortunately, like several recent exposés on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), including Graeme Wood’s website-busting What ISIS Really Wants, Callimachi’s reporting is unusually receptive to the movement’s claims. Namely, that plausible Islamic arguments can be made for slavery, rape, and other crimes.

In support of his own argument that ISIS isn’t just “Islamic,” but “very Islamic,” Wood cited Princeton academic Bernard Haykel who insists that anyone who denies ISIS’ Islamic authenticity is being disingenuous (who says this is never elaborated on). Wood then proceeded to analyze ISIS’ “Islamicity” based almost entirely on Haykel, several fringe Muslim scholars, ISIS sympathizers, and no mainstream voices.

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7 Tips For a Successful Muslim Life


Many Muslims dream of having a successful life, but it is easier said than done. Sometimes the things that help you to be successful in this world won’t help in the hereafter. We all have a limited time to understand and assess this situation. I’m sharing 7 points with you to give a head start to be successful in both worlds.

1. Dua (Supplication)

Dua is the most important aspect of a successful Muslim. It has the magic to change your fate for the good. Supplicate often, and ask Allah to show you how to live a successful life that pleases him. Don’t forget your parents your family and the whole ummah in your Dua, because the best gift you can give someone is Dua.

2. Connection with the Holy Quran

The holy Quran is the instruction manual for the whole humanity to be successful in both worlds. It has the answers to tackle every problem you face throughout your life. The Quran is not revealed just to read and put it away. It has to be studied and analyzed in order to bring it to our lives. Ask Allah to help you understand the Quran correctly and make it easy to implement in your life.

3. Helping others

Almighty Allah instructs us to be a service to the humanity regardless their religion or race. Helping others is a profound act which allows us to earn the pleasure of Allah and live a successful life. Allah Himself has promised to offer his divine support to those who strive to help others during misfortunes and disasters.

4. Dealing with temptations

Every one of us succumb to temptations because it is a part of our lives. But actually, a very few of us deal with those temptations effectively. We have to make a huge effort to resist temptations to the max in order to be a successful Muslim. (Read: 7 best ways to control sin)

5. Your companionship

Look around you, and connect with Muslims who are highly-driven with encouraging and positive ideas. If you are serious about becoming a successful Muslim, you have to realize who you are hanging around with, and assess how they can help you to shape and influence your life. That doesn’t mean you have cut out your best friend, but you should decide who deserves more and who deserves less of your valuable time.

6. Focus on the Akhirah

Execute all the simple objectives of this world from your life, and focus solely on the main event; The Akhirah (Hereafter). Live one day at a time and don’t be too nervous about what tomorrow might bring. It takes some time to banish all your distractions which are holding you back from becoming a successful Muslim. Eventually, it will become easier for you to move on to your goal.

7. Don’t give up

Once you commit yourself to take on the journey to achieve success, never ever simply give up yourself for trivial reasons. Chances are you might be so close to reach at your dream. Make sure you stick to your journey until you ultimately arrive at your destination of success.

 Hope you find this article helpful. Just refer to this if you are feeling down as a Muslim, InshaAllah you’ll be back on your feet right away.

Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.

gb copy Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.
es copy Donde hay caridad y sabiduría, no hay temor ni ignorancia.
nl copy Waar sprake is van liefdadigheid en wijsheid, is er noch angst noch onwetendheid.
fr copy Là où il ya la charité et la sagesse, il n’y a ni peur ni l’ignorance.
de copy Wo ist die Liebe und Weisheit, da ist weder Furcht noch Unwissenheit.
CN67867 Nǎ li yǒu císhàn hé zhìhuì, jì méiyǒu kǒngjù, yě bù wúzhī.
Sweden Där det finns kärlek och visdom, det finns varken rädsla eller okunnighet.
rus7897 Tam, gde yest’ miloserdiye i mudrost’ , net ni strakha, ni nevezhestvo.
4523turkey Hayır ve hikmet olduğu yerde, korku ne cehalet ne var.
images Dove c’è carità e di sapienza, non c’è né paura, né l’ignoranza.
indonesiaID Di mana ada kasih dan kebijaksanaan, tidak ada rasa takut atau kebodohan.

Understanding is much deeper than just knowledge.

gb copy Understanding is much deeper than just knowledge.
es copy La comprensión es mucho más profundo que un simple conocimiento.
nl copy Begrip is veel dieper dan alleen kennis.
fr copy La compréhension est beaucoup plus profond que juste de la connaissance.
de copy Verstehen ist viel tiefer als nur Wissen.
CN67867 Lǐjiě bùjǐn jǐn shì zhīshì de shēnkè de duō.
Sweden Förståelse är mycket djupare än bara kunskap.
rus7897 Ponimaniye gorazdo glubzhe, chem prosto znaniya.
4523turkey Anlamak sadece bilgi çok daha derindir.
images La comprensione è molto più profondo di una semplice conoscenza.
indonesiaID Memahami jauh lebih dalam dari sekedar pengetahuan.